21 must-have baking tools for beginners

If you’re keen to start baking you might be wondering what baking tools you should buy to get yourself started. There are hundreds of things you can get, some you’ll use, some you’ll probably never use again once you’ve purchased it and stuck it in the cupboard (I should know!). So here are my must-have essentials for anyone thinking of starting baking.

  1. Cake Tins – you won’t get anywhere without a variety of cake tins. I’d suggest getting two 7 or 8 inch spring form round tins to start with as these will be useable for a number of different types of cake.
  2. Greaseproof Paper – this will save your butter!
  3. Palette Knife – a good palette knife will be a lifesaver when it comes to icing.
  4. Bowls – I like to have two large bowls and a variety of smaller bowls to measure ingredients into at the start. I always use my mixer bowl as one of them as then I can chuck it in there to blend it. That brings me to number…
  5. Food Mixer – there are loads of recipes where hand stirring or a handheld just won’t cut it. I love my Kenwood mixer, which comes with a food processor, juicer, and blender too.
  6. Cookie Cutters – a variety of biscuit cutters will entertain anyone you’re baking for. If you get a subscription like I have with Bake Box you’ll get a great selection of themed baking tools with each issue. Works out a lot cheaper than if you buy all these separately.
  7. Icing Turntable – if you’re planning on icing any cakes a turntable will make it so much easier. I don’t use mine for every cake but when I need a nice even finish it’s great to be able to turn it to face me rather than me leaning over, upside down!
  8. Sieve – you can’t bake without sifting flour.
  9. Wooden and Metal Utensils – some ingredients will call for wooden spoons, some metal. Have a selection of spoons to mix with.
  10. Food Colouring – ok, debatable whether this is an essential, but if you’re making cookies, cupcakes, or themed cakes you’ll definitely need some coloured icing somewhere along the line. Who knows you might want to colour the cake mixture too!
  11. Measuring Jug – not all cake mixtures are dry ingredients. Some will call for milk, oil and a variety of other liquids.
  12. Cake Tins – no baker will get anywhere without having something to carry/store their bakes in.
  13. Scales – pretty obvious really.
  14. Icing Bag and Nozzles – Every pro baker should have an icing bag and a selection of nozzles. Beginners will need some practice using these, but if making pretty cakes you’ll want pretty icing.
  15. Rolling Pin – If you’re baking pies, or using royal icing a rolling pin will be a really useful tool.
  16. Apron – I have 4!
  17. Oven Glove – don’t burn yourself!
  18. Cake Tester Skewer – I love mine, most cake recipes will call for a prodding to check cooked all the way through.
  19. Whisk – mine is on my blender, but a few cakes will call for cream to be whisked so a cheap handheld whisk would be great to have available.
  20. Cupcake Cases – because you need to be able to bake cupcakes and muffins.
  21. Ingredients – well you can’t make a cake without eggs, sugar and flour!