3 Cool Health Benefits of Cold Showers

There’s plenty of research available today that points to cold showers being incredibly healthy for us, yet the majority of people wouldn’t choose to endure the short-term pain of an icy cold shower (particularly in winter) irrespective of the potential gains.

Indeed, the idea of replacing a nice warm and steamy shower with a blast of ice cold water – particularly first thing in the morning – is not something many people would do by choice, however, if used as a daily ritual, there are a crazy number of health benefits that can come from this seemingly torturesome routine.

That said, it’s important to remember before going into three of the most profound benefits, particularly for active people – is that this practice isn’t for the elderly, or sick, and if you do have a medical condition such as a heart condition, then you need to check with your doctor first, as putting your body into a state of temporary shock might not be a wise idea.

So, presuming you’re all fit and well… here are three ways cold showers might be able to help you perform more optimally on both a physical and mental level, and if you decide to really get into this, then you might decide you need to upgrade your bathroom in which case you’ll want to consider visiting www.tapwarehouse.com as they have some really cool bathroom taps and showers available that will ensure you are blasted with the icy water you “desire”.

Here are three reasons to consider incorporating this practice into your daily routine.


It’s very easy to imagine how taking a cold shower in the morning will leave you feeling more alert in the day ahead… yet, it’s not just a superficial “shock” affect at play, as there’s a lot going on underneath the surface due to your body’s reaction to the shock of the cold water; for instance the depth and pace of your breathing will increase, as will your heartbeat, thus your oxygen intake will improve, which is particularly beneficial.


It’s been common for athletes to take an ice bath after intense training for centuries, as this reduces muscle soreness and speeds recovery.  Studies have since found that a cold shower, can be almost as effective in terms of stimulating one’s metabolism and relieving the aches and pains associated with delayed-onset muscle soreness.  

According to the research, a 24 minute cold water bath at a temperature of 10 to 15 degree celsius is the optimal, yet a short sharp shower of between five and ten minutes will deliver a similar result if the water is cold enough.

Cold showers are known to have an analgesic effect on the body and can be particularly beneficial in terms of relieving tension headaches.


A study published by a molecular biologist called Nikolai Shevchuk has found evidence that cold showers alleviates or at least reduces symptoms of depression; to the extent cold showers might actually be more effective than antidepressants.  

However, if you feel more in the mood for a nice long hot bath then check out www.lush.com for some stress relieving bath bombs.

In summary, the health benefits would appear to outweigh the short term pain, yet when it comes to taking an icy cold shower each morning the term I“no pain no gain” certainly does come to mind.