3 weeks to go

I’ve been counting down completely by guess work recently in denial about how much time I have left to train for the 10k. With the Marathon on TV I thought I’d actually see how many weeks I had. After saying to people just yesterday I had 4 weeks to go, looking at the calendar today. I realise it’s only 3.

The Couch to 10k app I’m using has all of a sudden ramped up the amount of running I’m supposed to do, which I find I’m struggling with. I am currently running around 6.5k in around 45 mins, but have no energy to keep running. My only solace is that on the day I know I will have water and jelly babies at the half way point for a second burst of energy, whereas during my training I am having to go without or have to put up with carrying a bottle the whole way.

I’m heading out for another run today, where I’m hoping I can up my run to 7k in around 50 mins, which although is still slow means I’m only 3k off the final race and I know even if I walked I could finish it in 1hr 15 mins which is my target time.

Now I’m getting used to running I’ve worked out I am definitely a short distance runner. Maybe 2 or 3 miles is optimum as I got my speed up to around 11 min miles and I think if I continue I could get that up to around 9 with practice. Anything over 3 miles (or 5k) and I have no idea on pace and over do it to early, so my current mileage on a 4 mile (6.5k) run is closer to 12 minute miles.

I keep saying once these three week’s are over I will quit running, but over the summer I think I’ll continue to run shorter distances just to keep up my fitness and help me lose some weight. I’ve lost about half a stone since running, but in terms of body size I have dropped to a comfortable size 14 whereas before I was teetering on the border so I’m definitely more toned. That’s without dieting as just this morning I had a maccy d’s breakfast. I don’t remember the last time I ate a vegetable or piece of fruit!

So as it’s 3 week’s to go if you’d like to sponsor me (and the rest of the team who are running as I couldn’t have done this alone) you can donate here. All the money will be going to CLIC Sargent and our boss is matching our entry fees to the race for the charity donation too.