365 days to go

Today I turned 29. Not so scary you might think, but a few days ago it hit me in 1 year I will be 30. I had a plan by the time I was 30. I felt like I had a lifetime left. To me 30 meant I should be a proper adult. Rest assured I don’t feel adult at all – my close friends know I’m actually an immature fool when I want to be! So the thought of my 30th birthday fills me with dread. There’s so much I want to do in the next 365 days…

  1. Be able to run 10k without laughing at the mere thought.
  2. Spend more time being social than spending evenings wasted at home on the sofa.
  3. Blog more.
  4. Spend less time caring what people think. Someone sent this┬áto me today to help build my confidence – they were right, people are rooting for me.
  5. Lose this final 2 stone and actually be happy with the person in the mirror.
  6. Be happy.
  7. Be more positive.
  8. See more bands.
  9. Move house. Always looking for new fresh starts.
  10. Have fun. I’m still in my 20s after all!!

Lets see where I am in 365 days time!