4 ways to quickly increase your blog traffic

I’m going a little off-kilter today! I’m going to cover some promotion techniques you can use to spread the word about your blog and let the world know about you – more so I can take my own advice!“Oh God, blogging is so much fun! I’m so excited! But hey, for some reason, I’m not getting any comments nor visits. Am I doing something wrong?” – This is a common thought for starting bloggers, I know I thought it for many years until my site started picking up. Hopefully, by reading this post you will learn some useful strategies to bring the focus on you and your site.

Promoting a blog -or just about any site- can be a tedious task. It requires time, effort and occasionally money, too. Chances are that you won’t see any immediate effect, either. Doesn’t sound good, does it? However, this is vital part of site management. You gotta live with it and try to have fun while you’re at it.

Building traffic usually takes some time on new sites – you are just taking off and have too little backlinks. People are missing your first posts because they don’t know your blog exists – and we need to change that. The following are some techniques to build traffic (and backlinks!) to your site more effectively:

Get commenting

This is one of my favourite ways to build traffic to my site. Just by leaving some comments on other blogs you build both traffic and backlinks, all at the same time! It’s a no-brainer when I’m reading blog all day anyway – there’s no waste here. Not to mention, commenting can also help you build awareness and branding, establish relationships with other fellow bloggers, and improve your knowledge in the field. Win!

Share the LOVE!

Found a good article worth sharing with your readers? Write about it and link back to the original source (this will give their SEO a little boost, too). There’s a high probability that the owner of that site will come to your site to find out why you linked back to them – and this can open some doors and help you make new connections in the blogosphere.

Run a competition

Running a contest, giveaway or a competition is also a good way to build some traffic (and probably some back links, too). If your budget allows it, give away some nice prizes to your readers. You can use a widget such as Rafflecopter to increase social sharing, too. Occasionally you’ll attract ‘competition trolls’, but don’t worry – the positives outweigh these pesky negatives in the long run!

Submit articles

If you particularly resonate with a blog, why not get in touch with the editor and ask if you can write a piece for their website? It’s a great way to introduce yourself, and your website, to a new audience. Who knows, maybe they’ll consider writing a piece for your blog too, and you can drive more traffic that way, too. See a list of blogs that accept guest posts here: https://www.effectivebusinessideas.com/blogs-that-accept-guest-posts/

There are other strategies for promoting your site around. The ones described above are, in my opinion, the most effective ones.

What are your favourite strategies to drive traffic?