4th times a charm…

So tonight I joined Slimming World…again. The fourth time is most definitely the charm! I never quite reached my target weight. From my heaviest until last year I had lost 4 stone. I’ve put 4lbs back on so to reach my 5stone weight loss target I need to lose another 1st 4lbs. Anything extra is a bonus!

So what am I most worried about…the food diary. I know I can do it, I’ve lost a ridiculous amount of weight but having someone monitoring your food intake is horrible. I need to stick to plan and lose weight quickly to keep me motivated!

Starting this week I’m going to go straight into the body magic award as well trying to keep up my exercise. I haven’t been running recently so it’ll be focusing on walking for now and building up to running again once a bit more weight has come off.

This time round I have company – we’re on this journey together to keep each other motivated. We’re keeping journals together too so we can see where we’re each going wrong…or right!

I have 14 weeks until my holiday and 14 weeks at Slimming World (maybe longer if I keep it up after!) Can I do it??