5 Ways To Increase Curb Appeal

Do people want to live in your house simply by seeing it from the outside? If the answer is no, you may want to step up your curb appeal. A property that looks good from outside is more likely to attract buyers. Even if you have no plans on selling, it could help to make guests feel more welcoming and make you feel more proud of your home. Here are just five improvements to increase your home’s curb appeal.

Decorate your front door

Most people’s eyes are drawn to the front door first. If your front door doesn’t stand out or looks shabby, it could be time to replace it. You can also find ways to decorate your door as well as the area around your door. Consider ornaments and ‘welcome home’ signs that give it a homelier feel.

Repair your roof

People will notice a roof that’s in disrepair. Repairing your roof could help to make your property look newer and more attractive. It’s worth hiring professional roofers to do this. You could even replace your roof and try a whole new tile scheme.

Light the way

If the front of your home can’t be seen in the dark, you may want to add some exterior lighting. Motion sensing lighting is an energy efficient solution that will only turn on when someone is outside. You may also want to use solar lighting as a decorative feature. Floodlights are only suitable if you’ve got a rural property as you don’t want to annoy the neighbours with an intense light.

Spruce up with flowers

Flowers can help to make your home more cheerful. You don’t need a front lawn to make use of flowers. Window boxes could allow you to plant flowers on your window sills. Meanwhile, you could also add flowers either side of your door, either in pots or hanging baskets. You could even opt for a creeper plant that grows up the wall of your property.

Keep it clean and tidy

The number one rule of curb appeal is to keep the front of your home clean. Homes near busy roads may get filthy quickly – you may have to repaint the walls and clean the windows occasionally to stop your home looking shabby.

If you have a front lawn, you should try and stop this from becoming overgrown by regularly mowing it. In the summer, sprinklers may be needed to stop it getting dry and patchy. If this is all too much hard work, you could consider switching to artificial grass or turn it into a driveway.

Of course, driveways needs their regular maintenance too. A gravel driveway can benefit from being regularly raked so that stones are evenly distributed. A tarmac or paved driveway meanwhile may need to be jetwashed occasionally to keep it looking clean. You may also need to give it a sweep occasionally to get rid of leaves and debri.