6 Signs You’re a Coffee Addict

As a dessert fan, there’s one drink that I’m often in close contact with. If you don’t fancy something sweet after your restaurant meal, the alternative is often to have a coffee. Of course, you can always have both! Many people like coffee and drink it often. However, some people take their love for coffee beyond that of many others. There’s being a caffeine addict who has to have several cups of coffee a day. Then there’s being a coffee addict, with an obsession with all things coffee. If you drink a lot of coffee, but you’re not sure which one you are, try out my handy guide. You might discover you have a bit of a (delicious) problem.

You Treat Coffee Like Others Treat Wine

Wine lovers do more than have a bottle or two at the weekend. They aren’t content with just drinking and appreciating any old bottle of wine. They want to seek out the best, learn how it’s made, and discover how to expand their appreciation. Many coffee addicts treat coffee in the same way. You fondle the beans, sniff before you drink, and maybe even go on tasting trips.


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Your Kitchen Looks Like a Coffee Shop

The most many people will have in their home for coffee making is a small machine. You put in a pod or perhaps some beans and it makes your coffee for you. But coffee lovers go further and make their setup more sophisticated. From small items like the Hario v60 dripper to monster brewing equipment, a Nespresso machine isn’t enough for you.

People Ask You for Coffee Advice

Are you the go-to coffee expert among your friends and family? When they want to try something new or buy someone a gift, do they come to you? If everyone thinks of you first when they need coffee advice, your coffee addiction is no secret.

All the Coffee Products

For a coffee lover, simply drinking the stuff isn’t enough. You have to enjoy it in any way you can. Coffee cake and chocolates, coffee-scented soap, books about coffee – these are all things you need to have. Everyone gives you coffee-related presents on your birthday and every other occasion.

Only One Place Serves the Best Coffee

Starbucks, Costa or Cafe Nero are no place for you. In fact, you avoid them like the plague. You only get your coffee from an independent, local coffee shop. They sell organic coffee and do everything from scratch, plus they support the fair trade coffee industry. And their coffee actually tastes like coffee.

You Have a Favourite Roast

Most ordinary folks aren’t bothered about the roast of their coffee. In fact, they probably don’t even know what it is. But you do care, and you won’t accept anything other than your favourite. Maybe you like it dark, maybe you prefer it light. Whatever your preference, you know what you like, and you’re sticking to it.

If you’re a coffee addict, you’re probably happy to embrace it. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with your caffeine intake.

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