A Cornwall holiday cottage for a birthday getaway

Earlier this month was my birthday – not a big one, but I do love to celebrate for any excuse! As I work for a holiday cottage company I get to look at luxury cottages all day around, so it’s even better when I get to try one out for myself! For three nights we stayed at Luke’s Cottage, which is in a small hamlet between Portreath and Porthtowan. It was myself and hubby for two nights with Bubz & Squeaks and on the final night, my birthday, we were joined by six of my close friends.

The weekend was perfect, just what we needed after a hectic Christmas and New Year. The holiday cottage itself was immaculate. It’s a four bedroom cottage, 2 doubles and 2 twins so it’s perfect for families getting away together. We were four couples so we had to draw straws between who had the two twins – not that we minded for the one night all together.

Lukes Cottage
Photo courtesy of holidaycottages.co.uk

When we first arrived we managed to get in with relative ease. As long as you follow the directions it’s not too hard to find. It is in the middle of the countryside though so if you’re not used to the smaller lanes you may want to take it slow! When you come up the lane to the cottage itself you can easily see where to park and the key box is on the side of the building. You can call in advance to get the code. We let ourselves in and a little while later the owner, who lives next door, popped over to say hi and show us how to work the hot tub (priorities!) He also very kindly left us a cream tea, pint of milk, and a bottle of wine; that was our first night sorted!

That night we just chilled out in the cottage, with the dogs we didn’t want to do much except go walking and relax. So settling down with a glass of wine, a film and a shed-load of snacks the first night was complete.

The next morning we flicked through all the reading materials the owner provided on dog friendly beaches, restaurants etc and then made a decision to walk the 4 mile round trip to Porthtowan Beach. Portreath is the main one nearby but that was 4 miles away, I didn’t fancy an 8 mile walk, and we didn’t want to take the car. So off we set down the country lanes…only when we got to the main route into Porthtowan we realised it meant a very steep hill walk. So we scrapped that plan and carried on walking to Portreath knowing we weren’t going to get too far before turning around. We were right as there were storms the night before, so after a short walk there was a tree down blocking the path so we turned on our heels and headed back to the hot tub!

The dogs didn’t like the hot tub – it meant they had to sit out in the cold while we warmed ourselves in the bubbles. As you can see Bubble wasn’t impressed.

cornwall holiday cottage

After an hour we went indoors, I had a lovely soak in the giant bath tub and then we sat down and played some board games while the pooches warmed up in the cosy kitchen. I finally gave in to hubby’s demands to play Risk (he’s been bugging me for a while). So after 90 mins of setting up the game and reading the instructions, we finally set off. Nearly 2 hours later…I was red and world domination was mine! Bedtime came and after another great night sleep we awoke to our final day in the cottage.


The next morning was birthday day! YAY! That meant birthday cards, presents and setting up the cottage for the onslaught of friends from far and wide! And I mean far, as two had joined us from Australia! The morning was spent preparing for our evening of murder mystery and board games. Hubby took Bubz & Squeakz out for a walk to tire them out and I went about setting everything up.

When the others eventually arrived (as locals they decided to wing-it with the directions and got slightly lost) we jumped straight back in the hot tub, toasted my birthday and then after we were all suitably cold from the rain we came indoors to don our PJs and start cooking up a birthday feast.

The kitchen was really well equipped. We found everything we needed and they had loads of plates and cutlery so it meant me and hubs didn’t have to worry about washing the dishes prior to everyone arriving. We just stuck them in the dishwasher and waited until it was full. Dinner was amazing (thanks Ro and Mark!) and my cake was even better (thanks Ro’s mum!).

We’d brought along a murder mystery game – spoiler alert – Hubby did it.

Then we continued playing board games into the early hours – you’d never imagine how hard it was to guess you were Cheryl Cole when you’re in a room with The Hulk, Vincent Van Gogh, Thor, The Terminator, Iron Man, JK Rowling and Muhammed Ali!*

Departure day came and we all said our sad goodbyes as we knew it would be another 6-8 months before we’d all be back together. Would I recommend Luke’s Cottage? Most definitely!

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*I wasn’t really in a room with all these people, and I’m not really Cheryl Cole. We played Who Am I.