A holiday with friends

Earlier this month we took a holiday to celebrate our first birthday. Mummee and daddee did lots of research on where to stay and told us that it’s very hard to find dog friendly accommodation in Cornwall. So when they came across Lukes Cottage they realised they found a good one. I did offer to help with the research but I just got in the way!

So anyway, back to our holiday. We booked to stay for 3 nights at Lukes Cottage travelling down on the Saturday morning and coming home the morning after our birthday (and mummee’s birthday). We don’t like the car, but mummee said we were very good, I only needed to stop on the two hour journey once for a quick fresh air and exercise stop. We also stopped in Cornwall at mummee’s friends house. She had a nice house and a lovely fluffy thing on the floor (I think they called it a rog??). Me and Squeak loved rolling around on this while they ‘adults’ sat and drank the hot stuff that burns your tongue.

Anyway back on track (sorry about all these distractions!), we found the cottage easily enough. Daddee drove us up a lane and we got all excited as we knew we must be there. Looking out of the window we saw our cottage tucked up the end of the lane with only one other house near ours. Daddee took us for quick run before we went indoors – I think they were worried we would pee on the floor.

We walked into the large food preparation room. This is our favourite room. It was great. It had a big dining table in the middle and a small sofa on the right hand side, the cottage man said we weren’t allowed on the furniture but as this one was an old sofa he said it didn’t matter too much. Mummee put our blanket on here and we spent most of our time cuddled up!

Our bedroom was next door, mummee kept calling it a utility, not sure why? It was so warm with the humming boiler machine and we had loads of space for all our stuff. We unpacked and then helped mummee and daddee explore the rest of the house.

dog friendly accommodation in Cornwall

Across the hallway from the kitchen was another food eating area with a nice big table. From here we could get outside onto the decking and run around. The owner asked us not to go onto the grassy area below as it had been extremely wet and muddy, but there was a separate ‘dog-run’ down the side of the house where we could run and get as muddy as we liked – from here we entered straight into our bedroom, so they could clean our paws before we got in the rest of the house.

Outside there was a big bath tub for the adults. As the cottage sleeps 8 people (and 2 dogs) mummee brought some friends for her birthday * sulks because we weren’t able to bring our friends *. They all really enjoyed the bath tub. But as you can see from my face at the top of the page, we didn’t.

Back inside the cottage, there was also three more doors off of the hallway. One was a very warm shower room. It made my paws toasty and warm. I think mummee called this ‘underfloor heating’. The other two rooms were lounges. 1 was quite small, they called this a ‘snug’ and the main room was the lounge. It wasn’t huge, but this was nice as it was lovely and cosy when the 10 of us were playing games. Apparently someone killed this man in the picture. They found his body in the hallway after din dins and then all had to work out who killed him. Spoiler alert – daddee did it.

birthday games

As dogs weren’t allowed up the stairs we didn’t get to see the rest of the house, but I’ve heard all the adults had bedrooms, so that must mean there were four bedrooms and they had another bathroom upstairs too as they didn’t use the one with ‘underfloor heating’ as much as they should have.

When it was time to come home we were very tired after all the excitement so in a way we wanted to come back to our own house, but we absolutely loved Lukes Cottage. There’s nothing like getting away from all the stress and strains of everyday life!

dog friendly accommodation in Cornwall