About Bubble and Squeak

Welcome to our dog blog! This first post is supposed to be all about us and how we came into this world – so here’s a little bit of things you should know about Bubble and Squeak…

  • We were born in Wales (Newport to be precise)
  • Our birthday is January 4th – the same day as our mummy, weird coincidence!
  • We were the only two in our litter and were born by c-section
  • Our doggy mum is a pug and our dad is a french bulldog – so we are Frugs – not frogs!
  • Bubble is tri-coloured and I am fawn coloured
  • Our mummy and daddy brought us home to Devon when we were 3 months old
  • We don’t like the car very much, and we hate the hoover contraption even more!
  • We love walks, but bark at other dogs we want to play with, so mummy and daddy don’t walk us where we can annoy people!
  • Our mummy is called Emma, and our daddy is Rob – they help us out with all this technical mumbo jumbo
  • We likes trying new things out – especially things that don’t break easily, we do like to play fight
  • We love to travel – but as mentioned above, don’t like the car we get to places in
  • Cuddles are our number 1 favourite thing to do – Bubble likes to curl up inside things – blankets, sleeves, duvets; whereas I prefer to lie across the humans in the most awkward position I can find!
  • We can’t type as much as we like to try, so our mummy will be helping us with that job.

That’s about all, as we’re sure you’ll learn lots about us from reading our posts. Read on, you might find something you like!b-s-logo