Adding Modern Touches to Traditional Décor

When you are designing your dream home or planning on redecorating a room or two, it can sometimes be hard to choose between the traditional and modern. Traditional can be glamorous and sophisticated. Vintage décor is always fashionable, and it can be easy to create a warm and unique look, even with styles that have been around for centuries. Modern is new and exciting. It’s cool, trendy and up to date. But, is there perhaps a danger that all minimalist modern homes look a little bit the same. Most of us tend to opt for a combination of the two in the end, and even the most traditional of homes often include modern gadgets and appliances.

The beauty of home décor is that you can do what you want. You can choose that traditional furniture and accessorize it with modern touches. You can have a room full of 21st-century appliances, or even the smartest home going, with wallpaper more fitting in the 1800’s. It’s your home to do with what you want. If you’ve chosen a traditional décor, but feel ready to add some modern touches, it could be a lot easier than you think. Here are some ideas to help you get started.


Lighting is a fantastic way to change the atmosphere of a room. Bright lights are great for working or family dinners, but darker options can easily create a romantic or moody vibe. But, it’s not just the brightness of the lights that you want to think about. It’s the fittings themselves. If you’ve got a traditional farmhouse style kitchen, adding kitchen island pendant lighting is a fantastic way to add a modern touch without changing the traditional quality of the room.

Bright Colours

Traditional décor tends to be either dark and brooding, or plain white. Adding some bright accents, with a feature wall, accessories or soft furnishings can be a great way of highlighting some features of the room and adding some modern splashes to a traditional space. These highlights can work wonderfully to bring new focus to the traditional elements.


Traditional furniture can be a fantastic focal point in your rooms. Even if you have opted for modern walls and accessories, a few traditional pieces can set the tone of your room. If at any point you want to add a modern touch to these pieces, however, it can be done easily with some new upholstery. Add some bright colours and fresh prints to your seat cushions to create a modern and relaxed vibe.

Be Bold

The fastest way to add a modern twist to your tradition décor is by being bold. Leave your traditional furniture or walls as they are and add some glamorous and bold accessories. Be colourful, find accessories that clash, add metals like copper and stainless steel and mix your decades. Add some retro 70’s print cushions to your 20’s furniture to create a unique 2018 twist.

Remember, it’s your home. Just because you chose one style when you decorated, doesn’t mean you’ve committed forever. Be bold, be creative and be yourself.