Are We That Unhealthy – Or Is That Just What We’re Made To Believe?

So by now everyone should know I have been trying to get fitter by taking up running and eating healthier but generally I want to make sure that when I eventually start a family I won’t be the unfit old lady at the school gates – I’ll be the one able to play with my kids and look younger than I actually am – because let’s face it I’m going to tell everyone I’m 29 so I may as well try and look it!

I might only be in my 20s (clinging onto that fact for the last 7 months!) but it’s really important to get healthier now, rather than leaving it until your later years when the impact of living an unhealthy lifestyle has already taken it’s toll.

However, I recently read an article that revealed baby boomers believe they are actually healthy than us millennials. Although I guess it’s all how you perceive your own health, in the survey ran by NRS Healthcare, 86% of over 55’s rated themselves as above average on health, whereas only 69% of my age group did. Does this mean we think of ourselves as unhealthier – or are we actually that unhealthy?

In the modern world where the pressure to live a healthy lifestyle is always pushed in our faces, online, offline, on social media, in the papers, on TV, even in our own homes, is it that easy to escape the ‘ideal lifestyle’ that everyone is after? Everywhere you look there’s either an advert to remind you to eat your 5 a day, a photo of your school friend losing weight, a fitness freak sharing their latest workout on an app, a TV ad for that healthy probiotic yoghurt you just have to have, or a tube advert for that tummy tuck you’ve always wanted to treat yourself too.

Do I really think I’m that unhealthy? Maybe. But maybe the modern world is just telling me that’s what I’m feeling. Maybe actually, I’m fitter than I thought. Maybe when I get to be the baby boomer generation, I will stop listening to what the TV, press, social media and the bathroom scales are telling me and I’ll be happy with how I feel. Overall, as long as you live a happy lifestyle and don’t overindulge too much then who else is to say what is healthy. I’d much rather enjoy my life and eat a bit more, and move a bit less than eat lettuce and run a marathon each week. It’s all about moderation!