Baby Shower ideas and games

So as you may have guessed by the lack of blogging and my last few interiors posts, 2015 is shaping up to be a busy year! Not only have we been decorating our first home, we’ve bought our two puppies, Bubble and Squeak and have had a couple more additions join the extended family. My two sister-in-laws are both having 2015 babies! So that means lots of baby shower preparations. The last month I have been scowering the net in search for ideas for favours, games, decorations and gifts (what on earth do you buy if you don’t know the sex?) So after my months of research I thought I’d collate all my baby shower ideas into one helpful post so you can get straight on with the fun bit – the baby shopping!


I’ve seen loads of very cute ideas for baby shower favours. The only thing that sprang to mind at first was giving away labrador puppies, but after I realised that the film Bridesmaids was a US thing and giving away a boat load of pups wasn’t the best idea, I thought better of it! So what do you give when you’re on a budget? After scouring the net I found ‘Bun in the Ovens’ favour boxes! How cute, the template I used can be downloaded here, and at some point in the near future I will write up a post on these Vanilla and Marshmallow Cupcakes!

Bun in the Oven Favours

Bun in the Oven Favours


Keep it simple if you’re looking to do things on the cheap. We had a number of boy/girl banners (we didn’t know the sex) and some pink and blue balloons. Just something to brighten up a dull day, but as noone really notices the decor you’re good to go!

Food and Drink:

If you want to do food on a budget you have a number of options, buy in bulk, keep it to nibbles only, or ask a few people to bring different dishes to spread the cost. Most people don’t mind bringing bits and pieces and it means more of the pregnant ladies friends and family can get involved. We had a great spread of food and we had vintage jars and pink lemonade on hand to help decorate and theme the table too.



Everyone loves a good game or two and more often than not you will have a couple of competitive people taking it way too seriously! Keep it light hearted with fun activities, quizzes, picture rounds and personalised games. We had a few games, which I have given ideas of below. Feel free to use them, but we’d love to know if you’re doing them too and how you get on!

Baby Shower Games

Guess the baby – Get everyone to bring a photo of themselves as a baby and number them. Show everyone the photos and get them to match them up with the party-goers! Easy, free and lots of fun!

“My water broke” – You can buy plastic tiny babies online for really cheap prices, freeze them in individual ice cubes and give one per person on arrival with their drinks. The first person whose baby is freed from the ice shouts “My water broke” and wins the game.

Birth sweepstake – quite simple and again free, print or draw a calendar of dates around the due date of the baby – get people to guess the birth date. This allows the host something to tell her friends when the babies born too – not the name or the weight, but who won the game!

Mum, Dad, Neither or Both – In advance of the party ask mum and dad 10-20 questions, things like who is more likely to leave the baby somewhere, what will the baby look like, what colour hair will it have, who will be the more laid back parent, what they had for pregnancy cravings etc. Sort through the questions and pick out 10 of the funniest answers – or feel free to make some answers up! Come up with 10 questions where the party-goers have to answer who said it, out of mum, dad, neither or both!

Celebrity babies – get a selection of photos from the internet and get people to match them up with their celebrity name.

Don’t cross your legs – All you’ll need is a large towel and nappy safety pin. Announce at the beginning of the party if you’re caught sat with your legs crossed then you’ll have to wear the adult nappy. Then it passes around the room as people notice one another doing it! The person wearing the nappy will spend more time watching the other party-goers leg crossing to see if its ready to pass along!

Bump, Boob or Bum size! – Everyone knows the traditional guess the bump size, but make it harder by doing all three – make sure your host won’t be offended though when you ask to measure their bum or boobs!


You don’t have to play any games if you don’t want to and instead arrange an activity or two. For one baby shower we organised a specific Body Shop party – getting a consultant to come along and make us over, but with this one I organised a couple of crafty activities for the party-goers to keep them occupied!

Baby shower activities

Nappy messages – buy a cheap pack of nappies (tesco own brand is £1.40 for 20!) and some permanent markers and let the ladies loose! Ask them to write mum, dad and baby a message. These make a lovely souvenir for the parents as they can frame these colourful messages as a decoration for the baby’s room!

Wishes for baby – I downloaded this free template, it makes another great keepsake for years to come.

Decorating onesies – for the ultimate creative party, buy a bulk lot of white cotton onesies, bibs, socks, sleepsuits etc and ask people to get creative! We had some great pieces from labels for Top and Bottom on baby suits and instructions to Feed Me on bibs!

If you have any other ideas for baby shower games and themes, we’d love to hear them in our comments below.

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