Back to reality

Today is one of those days where you realise you have to ‘adult’ again and get back to reality. You spend the whole of the festive period pigging out, barely moving, spending shit loads of cash and not having a care in the world – except the need to have fun. Once your new year hangover has passed, the realisation hits that tomorrow life will start again for another year. Clothes have to be washed, dishes need to be done, lunches need to be prepped and all while you’re quietly hoping that you can go back and have Christmas over again so you don’t have to face that early morning alarm.

So I won’t give myself unrealistic resolutions – I know I won’t keep them. Instead I will keep in simple and say in 2017 I will be happy, whatever the cost. I don’t need new this and new that, promises of weight loss (although that would be bloody nice), healthy living crap and giving up something for January (it’s my birthday in 2 days so I refuse to give up the things I love). I just promise myself to let go of the little things, concentrate on the things I love and spend more time having fun (cliche alert) Life’s too short!

I already wasted 2 days of the year (yep it was a bad hangover) so here’s to the next 363!