Best dog apps for dog owners

I don’t like the computer, you may have guessed by this Instagram post I just can’t get my head around the movey thing on the screen. What is this witchcraft! But mummy says that technology is a good thing and with these apps I think I might just believe her – she seems to think they will help us and them as well. And what’s better is they don’t cost any money either. They’re all free!

First of all for a walk you need to know where you’re going and apparently when you’re on a health kick like mummy you need to know how far you walked. So our first choice is MapMyWalk. Mummy uses it to map out her walks before she goes so she can plan time and our exercise. But if she forgets a day, no problem, because she clicks go, we walk and it tracks us – are we being watched?!

The next one in our list is a bit of fun for us pooches. It’s called Games for Dogs and essentially the human in your life presses play and we have to catch the fast moving character on the screen. There’s a really high pitched noise as well, but for some reason mummy can’t hear it. Also just a word of warning, if you let us jump on your iPad just one time we will think it’s a toy from now on!

You may have read our last blog on dog-friendly beaches in Cornwall, well The Dog Spot Beach Guide goes even further and finds all the dog-friendly beaches around the UK. It also gives handy tips on where you’re allowed at what time of year and also what the weather is going to do. We hate the rain so this is perfect for us!

The next one is great for new puppy owners. Dog Tricks and Bark Machine is packed full of training tips for your new puppy and the bark machine even has a portfolio of noises which we love to jump around at. Who needs real toys when you have the noise…us, we need real toys.

You probably know we have our own instagram page (come follow us!) but have you seen DogBook? Mummy says we’re not allowed one of these profiles until we’re old enough to handle the responsibility. It’s just like facebook, but for dogs!

That’s the ones we have found so far, there are so many out there it’s hard to know where to start, but soon we’ll become experts in the app world and will have finally conquered the high score on our Games for Dogs record!