Cheap Alternatives of Bed and Breakfasts for Explorers

If you have had enough all inclusive package holidays and would like to explore more than the tourist attractions, or you simply would like to embark on a journey to see more of Britain, you will need to change your approach. Instead of going for a package deal and a hotel, you can see more of the world in less time and at a lower budget. Below you will find a few alternatives of bed and breakfasts and hotels.


Of course, the weather is not always going to treat you right, but you can try your luck camping. Whether you are going  on a trip in Europe and visit places you have never been to or simply want to spend a few days adventuring and hiking in the Welsh mountains, you can save a lot of money on accommodation. Not to mention that bed and breakfast and hotel owners are not too happy when you turn up with muddy shoes.


If you need a bit more comfort for your travels, and would like to still pack up and go, you might also hire a caravan, borrow one from a friend, or simply invest in one. You will get electricity, so the kids will not complain about not being able to charge their tablets and mobile phones, and you can still get close to nature in one of the many caravan parks in Britain offering different services and amenities.

Air B and B

Apart from traditional hotels and bed and breakfast services, you can also take advantage of the growing sector of private accommodation. You can get a log cabin in a picturesque village, or even a separate annex of a cottage. No matter if you are looking to visit the Lake District or be a blt closer to big cities, you are likely to find a suitable private rental that suits your expectations and your budget.

Static Caravan Hire

If privacy and comfort are equally important for you, it might be a good idea to hire or buy a caravan for regular holidays, If you fell in love with one particular area, you might want to invest in a property. You can look for caravans for sale in north wales in a central location, connected to the mains and the major road networks.  


If the hippy inside you is restless sometimes, you will certainly have to try campervans at least once in a lifetime. They are much more fun to drive than towed caravans, and you can stop and move on whenever you can. You don’t even have to get one now; there are several companies offering campervans for hire short and long term, depending on your plans.

If you are an adventure traveller, you might not want to be stuck in a hotel all the time you are away from home. To see more of the world and make sure that you are staying on budget, you will need to think smarter and consider some of these alternatives.