Christmas on Slimming World

Just because you’re on a ‘diet’ doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your Christmas meal just as much as Uncle Fred does. Christmas for me is all about food so here are my top swaps and dinner choices so you can still have your traditional Christmas food!

Breakfast: For me I need something light on Christmas morning, nothing to hearty or you’ll ruin your appetite so swap your milky, sugary coffee and meaty fry up for a green tea and a couple of boiled eggs.

Lunch: The main event! OK, so the good thing about Slimming World is you don’t need to change too much here.  If you’re having a starter, keep it simple. Why not make a homemade vegetable soup, or a fruit platter? For the main, when cooking your traditional turkey, make sure you remove the skin before you cook it, so no unnecessary syns are used, plus no one will notice it’s missing! Steam your vegetables or roast them in frylight, don’t use oil. Potatoes are easy, par-boil them and roast them in frylight until nice and crispy. Don’t miss out on your pigs in blankets, choose veggie chipolatas or low-syn meat versions if you prefer, and wrap them in bacon medallions (bacon without the fat) before baking in frylight. Cranberry Sauce is 1.5 syns per level teaspoon so portion that carefully. Gravy when made as directed is around 1 syn for 4 tablespoons (plenty to keep you going!) Finally stuffing is 4 syns for a 50g ball. So that’s a total of 6.5 syns for your main meal!

Dessert: Slimming World know we can’t go without a traditional Christmas Pud and have come up with this recipe to keep your syns in check! Just 7 syns per serving, why not have a smaller portion and top it up with some low fat custard made from scratch using syn free ingredients.

Snacks: A chocolate box selection ranges from 2-10 syns each depending on which brand you have, so I’d choose to skip the chocolates and tuck into a delicious clementine. But if you can’t live without your chocolates or mince pies then just count up your syns. As long as you allow yourself a bit of flexibility in the days leading up to and after Christmas a few extra syns on the big day shouldn’t affect your weight loss too much!

Dinner: what you’re still hungry?? OK then how about whipping up a bacon burger (handmade burgers made with low fat mince meat, bacon medallions, 60g wholemeal roll (HEXB)) with Slimming World chips, or if that sounds too much effort a quick omelette is also syn free!

Drinks: Swap the heavy red wine or beer for a gin and diet tonic or vodka and diet coke. Both just 4 syns for a single. Or if the thought of a tipple is enough for you, try making non-alcoholic Pimms alternative using diet lemonade, chopped fruit and a teaspoon of Balsamic vinegar – it’s surprisingly tasty!

See you can still have a Merry Christmas even if you still want to watch your weight – let’s just hope that the little black dress you asked for in your Christmas stocking is one size smaller for the New Year Party!