Compelling Reasons To Go For A Staycation, Not A Vacation, in 2016

We have all become used to jetting off for our summer holiday. Our precious two weeks in guaranteed sunshine. It probably takes all year to save up, or it hurts the credit card! So let’s look at some really good reasons for giving the UK a try this year. Here is a handful of compelling reasons to go for a staycation, not a vacation.

You can save money

UK Holiday Accommodation may be far cheaper than the alternative abroad. Check out the huge range, from beautiful 5* hotels to quirky B&Bs. If you fancy saving even more, then give the kids a treat and consider camping. Discovering the beautiful outdoors on a camping holiday can be great fun. You will find campsites these days can offer 5* facilities and luxury.

Brexit means the pound is no longer as strong

The British pound took a big hit in the days following Brexit. And, if it goes ahead, it could mean not great things for the British traveller abroad. Spending the pound on your holiday will certainly buy you more than the euro.

Safety is a concern for many of us

Different news outlets have ranked various holiday destinations by their safety levels. Staying in the UK can give you and your family more peace of mind. Being in a familiar place can be more reassuring. It can give you the chance to relax and enjoy your special time together.

You can still find sunshine

Let’s move onto a more positive point! In Devon and Cornwall temperatures there can reach the high twenties on a good summers day! Did you know the west coast of Scotland has a wonderful sunshine record?

Yes, but what about the everything else?

Let’s not dwell on the sunshine. On our holidays abroad we find ourselves stretched out on a lounger. We move from pool to beach and back again. Why not use this staycation to explore and discover new things? Resorts in the UK have invested lots of money making sure that a rainy day is still a fun day! Check out indoor activities. Luxury swimming pools, indoor play areas, and theme parks can all be great value.

Go and discover our great history! Yes, these days stately homes and castles will offer you a great day out. Mock battles and other events will be organised throughout the summer. Not only is it great fun, but you can feel smug that the kids have had a history lesson too

The journey?

Yes, getting on a plane and arriving at your destination a short while later is very appealing. The 6-hour drive down to Cornwall or up to Scotland can be daunting. So, be realistic In the car, any rationing of the iPad goes out of the window! Download favourite films and music. Check out new games for them. Plan regular stops for picnics and play. Make it part of the holiday.

So there you have it! It’s easy to see all of the benefits when you lay them out like this! Get planning your staycation and have the holiday of your life!