Create A Family Friendly Home That Doesn’t Compromise On Style

Bringing up children and trying to keep our homes clean, stylish, and well organised can seem like two mutually exclusive tasks. Children can be little tornadoes of destruction which can really take their toll on our homes. Many parents respond by childproofing their homes, but also allowing style to slip by the wayside. So, what if we told you there is a way to make sure your house is childproof and on trend, without the two causing problems for each other? It is possible; it is just about making smart purchases and intelligent design choices.


If all surfaces are easy to clean, you have got your first problem out of the way. It is best to ensure that walls are wipeable, and opt for hardwood flooring with wool rugs for softness and durability. Wooden flooring allows spills and dirt to be cleaned up quickly, and it is a whole lot easier to clean a rug than a carpet. Choose patterns rather than plain fabric for any soft furnishings as stains are a whole lot less likely to show up. Even sofas should be covered in durable materials such as good quality faux leather. These will be easier to wipe clean, but also less likely to suffer damage when children play roughly on them. A  full set of high gloss dining room furniture is easy to clean after a messy mealtime – those ketchup and bean stains can be wiped off much easier! Steer clear of silks, velvets, and any other fabrics which are not too keen on baby drool. It is also a good idea to keep beautiful trinkets on shelving units and make wall art a focus of the style of your home, so it is all out of arm’s reach for the children. 

Get storage savvy

Kids seem to have far more stuff than they need, and without a place to live, that stuff can make a home seem really cluttered and untidy. Clever storage solutions are the perfect answer to that, so it is time to get imaginative. Strange little alcoves which serve no purpose can have cupboard doors attached, invest in a bed with ottoman storage, and spend some time clearing out the attic space – every little bit of extra storage helps. An ottoman instead of a coffee table is a great addition to the living room; not only is it perfect for storing toys, but it is also a lot safer when babies start to walk and want to pull themselves up onto furniture.


Open plan homes tend to be easier for families than houses with closed doors and separate rooms. It is a whole lot easier on mum (and dad!) when the kids are playing in the living room, and there is a clear line of sight from the kitchen. If your home is suitable for the changes, it could make family life so much easier.

Having children does not mean your home has to lose its chic look and contemporary edge; it is all about finding solutions for allowing the two to exist together.