Cutting Down On Sugar: Your Essential Questions Answered For Making The Change

I could begin this by talking about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I could talk about its impacts, how important it is and all the things you see every day. As if it’s news to you; as if there is anything novel about my take. You know you need a healthier lifestyle; you’re here to try and find out how to get it.

So, let’s get right down to it. Rather than telling yourself “no”, this is all about a few simple switches that can have a significant impact.

Bread, Rice and Cereals = Vegetables

Now, stop laughing. It sounds ridiculous. Bread is warm, delicious, comforting. The tang on your tongue, the crisp snap in your mouth. Bread is an experience, a whole area of cookery is dedicated to it. Rice is delicious, nutritional, a staple of entire nations!

Vegetables tend to have dirt on them. Scraping it off – – is time-consuming…

Okay, so on the surface it doesn’t sound good. However, there’re things you can do to vegetables to make them more palatable. Rather than a dough pizza base, use sweet potatoes and a little butter and paprika. Most people are now aware that cauliflower rice is, despite what it sounds, edible. Reducing your carbohydrate intake is always a good idea, so try switching things up to see if they stick.

Smoking = Vaping

It’s a shame that vaping has become associated with hipsters when it’s something that anyone with a smoking habit should consider. A BBC documentary showed that vaping has nowhere near as big an impact on healthy human cells as cigarette smoke. This is one switch that could save your life. Addictions are never easy to kick, and cigarettes can be as addictive as hard drugs. Stockists like Shoreditch┬ámake it easy to get started kicking cigarettes.

Exercise = Dancing

The idea of running on a treadmill is not exactly invigorating. A huge number of people cite boredom as the reason they don’t exercise more. The only way to combat this is to make exercise as enjoyable as possible. Even if it’s just in the kitchen alone (or perhaps even preferably), dance around for the same time you’d spend exercising. You’ll burn a similar number of calories, and compared to some exercises, even more.

Scented Candles = Essential Oil Diffusion

Scented candles contain a range of chemicals so powerful it would terrify anyone with an interest in “wellness”. Oil – which is used to provide the fragrance – should not be directly heated. Yet we set it on fire and admire the pretty flickering on the walls. Switch to essential oil diffusion to get the same fragrance without the consequences.

Butter = Ghee

Ghee is a staple in India and other regions of Asia, but it’s never really caught on in the west. Ghee is made from butter but removes the vast majority of the lactose. Unlike its delicious cousin, ghee has health benefits rather than an adverse impact on health. It gives the same flavor and usage but without the downsides. You can either buy ghee pre-prepared or make it yourself if you have the patience to do so.

Even just combining the ideas above will make you healthier – what other things might you be able to substitute for the same impact?