D.I.Y. Scrabble Fridge Magnets

We’re currently in the process of buying our first home and I am under strict instructions to use up some of my craft “rubbish” before we move (disclaimer: I don’t think it’s rubbish but G4L is sick of the sight of doubled sided tape and ribbon!!). So this evening while sat through the very boring football…who won…I don’t care! I decided I would get sticking!

I’ve always wanted some Scrabble Fridge Magnets but I have never wanted to spend the money on them before. They are so darn expensive!! So I had a brainwave….why spend money when I have hundreds of letters and magnets here. First job was to cut my remaining scraps of magnetic strip up into small squares. I had loads of strips left over from when I made my own save the date fridge magnets, they were really L-plate magnetic strips from Halfords. They are cheap and very easy to chop up…and they are already adhesive on one side…ideal!

Then was the fun part, I counted the magnets (I had 77 squares) I then planned how many of each letter I wanted. I decided 2 of every letter, plus extras of vowels and common letters like M, S and T and then just randomly picked a few more of the not so common ones like J’s and K’s. When I had 77 stickers I just stuck them all onto a sheet of clear acetate and cut around them all. SIMPLES!

Next job was to peel of the adhesive on the magnets and stick on the tiles. Again nice and easy…now comes the hard part…

Trying to stop G4L from spelling rude words on the fridge!!

Scrabble Tiles

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