Dog grooming – a Furminator review

Although in this picture I do look terrified, I absolutely love it when mummy and daddy decide to do a bit of dog grooming! Last month they bought this new contraption, it’s supposedly named after some sort of hit 80s film. Before we had a soft brush for grooming, which although made a great chew toy, didn’t have any effect on our shedding. The Furminator on the other hand really impressed mummy and daddy. They’d heard good things from, well everyone so they splashed the cash (as they always do on us) and bought one.

The Furminator, ok the name is growing on me, does a great job at removing our undercoats. As pugs we shed a lot of fur as we have double coats. The comb handled our undercoats really well and didn’t hurt us when we were being groomed. In fact I found it amazingly relaxing! It’s similar to the nit combs you see as human children (or so mummy told us) and it has a handy ejector button for the fur when you have a good build up. It also has a nice handle so mummy didn’t get uncomfortable when brushing us either 🙂

Mummy tried to save all our fur up to take a picture of just how much fur came off, but with a combination of wind and us trying to eat the fur piles, all she was left with was a cardigan covered in fur. So afraid we have nothing to show! Maybe next time she brushes us, she’ll be successful in keeping a pile to get a photo. I’m pretty sure though it would be at least a couple of large human handfuls as we did eat quite a lot!

Happy Grooming!