How to dress like a bohemian this winter in five easy steps

The boho look is one of the most popular year-round trends, but a lot of people only know how to make it work during the summer months. They think of this relaxed, care-free hippy style and instantly believe it belongs in the realms of sun-drenched fields and festivals. This is far from the case though, and there are still plenty of people rocking the bohemian look this winter. Here’s how you can do it too in just five simple steps…

1. Grab yourself a maxi

The first step is exactly what you’d expect from boho style – it all begins with a maxi dress! But this time, it’s not all floating white material and daisy-chains; swap those pale colours for darker, earthier tones, such as olive or forest greens, and burnt amber colours. I always find that patterns work best this time of year, so think vintage when looking for that floor- length dress.

2. Pair it with wide-brimmed hat

This is the staple of many a bohemian this winter; most people like to wear hats and scarfs, but only the right kind will do if you want to achieve this look. Swap your beanie hat for a wide-brimmed one instead, such as a fedora. They have a much stronger line to them and will make you stand out, but add an over-sized scarf to the mix too that simply falls down the length of your dress, carrying on that extension of your clothing.

3. Add a touch of leather

You can’t beat some suede or soft leather when it comes to enhancing your bohemian chic wardrobe, and you’ll find a lot of handbags around at the minute that make ideal statement pieces. Large fringe bags in particular help to retain the fluidity of the whole outfit, but I’d also recommend some chunky heeled boots in warm colours, like a chestnut or camel brown.

4. Now it’s time for the sparkle

Just because you’re going for the flower power look doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of glamour. After all, it’s the festive season, where there’s a party every week! If you’re looking for something that will still stay in keeping with your new vibe though, check out ChloBo boho jewellery. They have entire collections inspired by the beautiful bohemian style, so whether it’s a charm bracelet you’d like where you can pick your own charm and gemstone, or you’d prefer to layer a variety of necklaces over your maxi instead, it’s the perfect place to find what you want.

5. And to finish…

Finally, no boho outfit would be complete without a poncho in a classic Aztec print, or a new cape instead. The cape trend is all over the high street at the moment, and aside from adding to the flow of your new look perfectly, there are also plenty of colours around. Whether you’ve gone bold or fairly understated, this is the ideal outerwear to finish off your boho dream.

Are you taking on the boho look this winter?