Easy Upgrades to Make Your Home More Sustainable

There are changes both big and small you can do to make your home more eco-friendly this year. Keep on top of your interior and exterior maintenance, and follow some simple design tricks to make your house more energy-efficient, yet still welcoming and stylish. Here are some easy ways you can turn your house into an environmentally-friendly home. 


A properly maintained home is a more sustainable one. Having regular building checks and making sure your exterior, so the walls and roof are kept in good condition means that you’ll save on repair and replacement. Just by having your roof properly cleaned and checked means that it could last for years without needing to be replaced. Keeping on top of small repairs will prevent you from shelling out in the future for more large-scale renovation. This means saving on manufacturing and transportation as well which is better for the environment. 


This is key to reducing energy waste. Make sure you have all your windows replaced with double-glazing. Look into sash window repair to replace any older windows you have in your house. You want better quality windows to keep the heat in. This will save you lots on gas consumption and will cut your bill in half as well. 

With flooring as well it’s better to be insulted as possible as well. Stick to good quality woods and tiles as eco-friendly flooring solutions. Put down carpets and rugs as these will not only add decoration but also insulation. You will prevent heat from being lost through the floor.


It’s recommendable to do some research into your appliances as it may be time for a more eco-friendly upgrade. There are more modern appliances that are much more energy-efficient. 

Most modern appliances are “smart” too and you can set them to timers from your mobile phone and other devices. It’s a good idea as well to set up smart heating and electricity. This will allow you to set them both from your smartphone while you’re out so you can reduce your consumption to the minimum, again saving you money on your bills.

Replace all your existing lightbulbs, inside and out with LEDs. These are much more energy-efficient and very durable. They will last you years and can withstand extreme weather conditions as well. It’s better to arrange lighting to maximize the use of light in the space, so think about where you can point your lights to help scatter light around the room. Paint the walls white and the ceiling, as the main color, and use lighter colors in furnishings to reflect this. 

Sustainable materials

If you install a new kitchen, go for a good quality stone or marble on your countertops. This will not only create a timeless look but will also last you a lifetime. Consider it an investment as you will reduce emissions wasted on manufacture and transportation. Opt for good quality woods for other furniture and other natural materials. These will be much more durable as well. You can buy materials second-hand or even get them for free online through websites such as freecycle. People will want to get rid of plenty of old furniture as well, for example if they’ve moved in with someone and have hence double-up on everything. You can pick up these used items, in near-new condition for free. 

If you want to revamp your existing furnishings why not consider upcycling? This means being creative with recycled materials rather than getting everything completely new. You can use upcycling to refresh things like sofas, cushions, and beddings. It’s a fun way to create something unique as well and very in style at the moment. Try to recycle as much as possible. This will reduce emissions again and will be cheaper. You will then have longer-lasting original pieces to show off. If you’re not feeling that creative and don’t want to put the work in, try shopping in antique and second-hand stores instead. You can find anything you need for the house still in great condition. This is the interior design trend of the year. Everything needs to be personal and sustainable. 

Green life

A plant is a lovely addition to any room and these little guys eat up air pollution as well. Plants are proven to help lift your mood. They also create a calming and more natural atmosphere. Getting in touch with nature is a great way to increase your “green” consciousness. If you have outside space, try getting your family interested in gardening. If not bring some plants in the house to create a more green environment in general. You can follow the recycling trend but making your own window boxes and plant boxes from old household items such as even old stereos and tech. You can be creative with this as well. 

Lifestyle changes

Make sure you educate the people you live with as well so they are as environmentally-conscious as you. Be sure to separate all waste and recycling into the separate containers provided and if you have outside space, make your own compost from organic waste. Try to reduce your household waste in general by reusing everything you can, from shopping bags to containers. Is there a store near you where you can fill up your own containers? Think about investing more in local businesses as less with have been wasted on production and importing goods. 

Replace other products such as toxic cleaning materials with a more sustainable option. You can buy many household items now that are only made of natural ingredients. Don’t buy disposable items if you can help it. Ditch unnecessary things such as kitchen towels and serviettes. Try to be conservative with your use of water as well as the Earth’s supply is running out. Be frugal where you can. You have the children of the future to think about and there’s no point in unnecessary waste. 

Finally, walk shorter distances instead of taking the car. You’ll do yourself some good as well as reducing your carbon footprint.