Why Your Family Needs a Dog

Often, when people were raised in a home with a dog, they dream of having their own when they grow up. They picture having their own home and children, dogs running around and plenty of fun and laughter. This is because a dog is a perfect addition to any family. If you’ve never had a dog, and are considering it, here are some of the reasons that your family needs a dog.

They’ll Love You

Animals are fantastic. But, dogs offer something extra. A dog won’t just take your love; it will give you a lot back. They say that a dog can be a man’s best friend, and this is certainly true. A dog could be your child’s first best friend, someone to grow with them, learn with them and offer them comfort. Or, it could be your constant companion, always there to offer you a cuddle and some love. After a bad day, there’s nothing better than coming home to your waiting friend, who is always happy to see you.

It’ll Teach Responsibility

Responsibility is something that can be hard to teach. A dog is a fantastic and fun way to do it. Young children can help with feeding and walks; then as they get older, their responsibilities will grow. Your children can start taking the dog out along, groom him and care for him. They’ll not only learn to be responsible for something but also that loving and taking care of things can give you a lot back.

A dog will also help them to take care of their own things. If they don’t put their toys and shoes away, they will get chewed on. If they don’t want this to happen, they need to look after their things.

You’ll Get More Exercise

How often do you all go out to exercise as a family? Probably not as often as you all sit around watching TV or playing on your devices. A dog forces you to get out more. Different breeds need different amounts of exercise, but they all need some, and you’ll have to walk them. Take turns, go out together, run around the park, just get moving and having fun.

You’ll Be Happier

Stroking a dog can be incredibly soothing. It’s actually thought that spending time with a pet can help people with serious mental health issues. You’ll be less stressed out, you’ll laugh more, and you’ll enjoy time with your family. All of these things will help improve your mood.

You’ll Always be Number One

Your dog will always think that you are the best thing in the world. What could be nicer than that?

One thing that can put people off having a dog, or any pet, is the expense. It’s true that there are associated costs. But, if you look after your animal, find the right low cost vet care and take out appropriate pet insurance, the cost may not be as high as you think.

So, what’s stopping you? Whether you’ve got kids or not, a dog could bring you and your family so much love and joy. Definitely a worthwhile expense.