Feel Like You’re In a Rut? Here’s How to Get Out of It

A rut is a fixed and boring routine. To feel that you’re stuck in one is a common psychological problem. This blog is going to concentrate on some of the very active things you can do to help yourself out here. Of course, there are some deeper, more personal things you can do. But this list focuses on action.

Don’t just indulge in fantasies of the future – start making them happen

When people feel like they’re in a rut, that usually means that they have a positive fantasy to which they’re comparing their lives. They’re thinking about a life they could have that’s more exciting or fulfilling than this one. Many people will comfort themselves by indulging in these fantasies as things that will happen in the future.

But those things won’t happen just because you’re sitting there willing them to happen! You need to start preparing yourself for some sort of life change. Think of the short-term goals you would need to complete in order to get your long-term goal. Then start working on those goals!

Consider doing some travelling

I’m not the type of person who would tell you that you’re not really living if you’re not travelling. After all, you can learn just as much sitting at home as you can travelling the world. (You know, if you study and stuff.)

Having said that, not getting out there can make all your memories just sort of blur into each other. Going somewhere new is a great way of clearing your head and thinking about new possibilities. This is because vacations allow you to break from your everyday reality. This is essential if you want to get out of a rut in your life! There are vacation rentals available all over the world, so pick somewhere you’ve never been and get booking.

Say “yes” more

I heard that! You just said “No” to my suggestion about going on vacation. And if you didn’t say it, you were at least thinking it very loudly.

You may have heard about this sort of things before – saying “yes” to everything. But that’s not what I’m telling you to do. If the idea isn’t li
fe- or finance-threatening, then try saying “yes”. If someone invites you to something that you don’t think is something you’d enjoy much… well, go anyway. You open yourself up to way more opportunities when you stop dismissing ideas so easily.

If you can’t think of anything, then go help someone else

Are you really stuck? Are there few interesting opportunities arising? No chance of you being able to go on a vacation? Or maybe you’ve tried a few of those things and you still feel like you need to do more.

The next thing you should try is helping someone else out. In a way, this can be linked to the above suggestion. After all, so many of us pass opportunities to help people all the time. Consider doing some volunteering or other related charity work. These things work really well because you’re contributing to something. And a strong sense of contribution is the ultimate way to get out of a rut.