Festival Packing Guide

Festival season can be stressful if you’re not prepared. For those filling their weekends with festival after festival it will feel like you’re constantly living out of a rucksack. So here’s a few tips to help your festival packing more streamlined, giving you more time to enjoy the music rather than stressing about what you’ve forgotten!

  1. Buy double of all items you will use at home and away.
    Why keep unpacking and repacking your hairbrush when you have two! Make sure you top items up if you run out after a festival. You wouldn’t want to turn up thinking you’re prepared when actually you ran out of deodorant on your last trip.
  2. Pack light.
    A festival is only a few days, so a couple of outfits at most will be plenty. Don’t pack anything you won’t use, you’ll only be annoyed later on when you’ve carried extra items around all weekend!
  3. Pack plenty of baby wipes.
    Everyone knows it’s hard to take a shower at a festival. So as as it’s only for a couple of days and everyone will be covered in mud anyway, packing baby wipes means you can have a quick wash and not worry about hygiene.
  4. Buy travel size toiletries.
    A folding toothbrush will be easier to carry than a full-sized one. You can get virtually everything in small sizes now – deodorant, baby wipes, toothpaste, dry shampoo, the list is endless!
  5. Buy a decent rucksack with plenty of pockets.
    OK, you might spend a little more on it than one with one large pocket, but if you have to unpack all your belongings just to reach your clean pants at the bottom (because who else packs their underwear first!) you won’t regret an extra pocket or two.
  6. Share the load.
    If you’re going to a festival with a friend, who says you can’t share things? Divide up your packing list so one of your brings certain things and the other brings the rest. You probably want to draw the line at sharing a toothbrush though!
  7. Plan your outfits (realistically! see number 2).
    For girls, dresses are probably more space saving than trousers and a top, plus you’ll feel fresher when you get a clean dress on each day. Here’s the JD Williams dress I’m packing for Shebfest next weekend. It’s lighter than wearing jeans and a top, but as it’s denim it’s practical for a festival setting. I’m still debating on wearing the ankle boots or not, think I might have to stick to my wellies!
  8. Carry cash in separate places.
    You never know who else you’ll meet at a festival and as tents aren’t the most secure places, stash your cash in a few different places. Keep one batch on you, hide a back up in your bag, and make sure your friends do the same so between you you’ll always have cash for supplies.
  9. Take a chair and blanket.
    A chair might seem like a great idea but you never know how long it will last so taking a blanket will mean you don’t have to sit in the mud!
  10. Roll not fold.
    Your clothes will pack more efficiently if you roll not fold. Plus packing balled up socks in shoes will not only space save but will also keep your shoe shape too!

So that’s it 10 top tips to survival a festival. Oh, but most importantly…don’t forget your wellies!!