Free printable calendar

OK, so mummy said we were so pretty this year that she wanted to remember it by creating a printable calendar filled with our faces; but she didn’t want to keep the 12 months of cuteness to herself so she’s uploaded it here for you to download your own Bubble and Squeak 2016 calendar all for yourself!

What’s better than a free calendar, nothing (unless you count walkies)! It comes complete with squares on each day of the year for you to fill in your own special dates, birthdays, anniversaries – anything you like we don’t mind. But don’t forget our birthday on the 4th January!

Go on download it now, it’s available below in either a 12 month bundle of goodness, or month by month for ease. Each page is A4 sized so easy to print out, or you can set as your desktop image if you’d prefer to see our smiley faces on your computer.

2016 Calendar (PDF)

January 2016 (PDF)

February 2016 (PDF)

March 2016 (PDF)

April 2016 (PDF)

May 2016 (PDF)

June 2016 (PDF)

July 2016 (PDF)

August 2016 (PDF)

September 2016 (PDF)

October 2016 (PDF)

November 2016 (PDF)

December 2016 (PDF)

We hope you enjoy seeing our faces everyday of the year!! Don’t forget to tell us if you’ve downloaded it – we love to make our egos just a little bit bigger!