Frenchify Your Bathroom


If you would like something a bit different for your bathroom, why not try some of the things the French do? They are known for their style, so why not give it a whirl, you may just love it!

Farmhouse Bathrooms

French farmhouse bathrooms are simple but elegant. They tend to have a mixture of textures including wood and patterned fabrics. They use natural stone on the floors and the colours are pastel shades. The whole effect is warm and welcoming and reminds you of simpler times.

A lot of French bathrooms on farms have distressed wooden window frames and freestanding tubs.  They usually are not tiled.

Country Bathrooms

Minimal and rustic is how the French country bathrooms tend to be. Soft fabrics with and lots of pale tones are the norm. These are often a very comfortable room that looks more like a bedroom that just happens to have a freestanding tub.

Wall decorations are popular and so are wooden beams. Light fabric covering any windows will let light in but give privacy.

France also has countryside that includes beaches alongside the Mediterranean Sea, and that influence is sometimes seen with plaster walls and large mirrors.

Estate Bathroom

These are more luxurious than the ones above and tend to have large areas of deep coloured tiles or marble. In fact, Pro Tiler Tools is worth a visit before you attempt a bathroom of this type, to ensure you have the tools you need to complete it without mishap.

To break up the colour there will be areas of white, and often there is more than one hand basin set back into the walls. Then you might find some other little luxuries such as armchairs or poufs for you to relax after a hot bath.

Modern Bathrooms

Modern French bathrooms are clean cut. There usually are tiles floor to ceiling in a neutral shade, with plenty of recesses in the walls for storage. They do not often have a shower over a tub, opting to have the shower only if the room is small. They still often have a rustic feel to them but this comes from things such as wicker baskets and wooden frames on mirrors.

All Bathroom Types

Regardless of which style bathroom you decide on for your home, there are some things the French nearly always do. They make sure there is enough storage for things to be put away and are very good at utilizing useless spaces for this.

If they have the room, they will have more than one hand basin. Freestanding tubs are very popular with them, and they love wood. Even if it is just the window frames or the frame around a mirror, there will be wood somewhere in a French bathroom.

It is not often that they use dark colours, preferring the lighter shades. If they want to add some colour they do it with the accessories and keep the walls, ceiling and any tiles in tones that can be matched easily.