Get Your Home Ready For New Beginnings

Our home is the place where we feel safe in, it protects us from the outside and gives us all the comfort we need, be it from the flicker of the candle on the coffee table, or the sun shining through the curtains in the morning. Whatever it may be, it’s important that you look after it otherwise it won’t be able to give you what you need and deserve.

The summer is just around the corner, and now is a better time than any to establish who you are, and what you want, and all of this can be done throughout your home. You wouldn’t believe the impact it can have on your mentality and way of thinking – a messy home means a messy mind, so maybe now is the time to change things for the better.

Here’s where to start.

Remove the uselessness

We all have a room or a corner in the home dedicated to storing a bunch of items that no longer hold any purpose or use, but we keep them because it’s easier than having to sort everything out. But that’s enough – your home deserves better than being a scrapyard for your junk. As daunting as it may seem, it will all pay off in the end, so get some bin bags and have a sort through everything. Decide on what you want to keep (only if it’s important!), then have another bag for what you plan on throwing away, and another for things that can be donated or sold. Once that’s done you’ll find yourself with a newfound space to makeover.

Improve the system

If you know that a system within your home is letting you down, or it just isn’t looking right, then it’s time to make it better. We seem to spend so much time waiting for something to break first because we don’t want to put money in if it isn’t absolutely essential, but this isn’t the right way to go about it, you may just be making the hole even bigger than it had to be. So if that washing machine keeps leaking – get a new one. If the rainwater keeps causing havoc – install a better fascia and guttering system. And if those ants in the garage keep multiplying by the second – hire an exterminator.

Beautify the garden

You will be needing your garden very soon as the sun is beginning to make an appearance, so you only have a short amount of time to pretty this place up. Start with mowing the lawn so that it’s all a nice level as a pose to an overgrown jungle. Pull up any weeds, dead plants, and flowers that are trying to take over. Trim down any hedges or bushes you may have. And give everything a good watering while moving around the soil so it stays fresh and succulent. You will need to do this often now it’s getting hotter so that your garden doesn’t dry out.