Great dog gifts for Christmas

This year will be our first Christmas and we’ve heard we have lots to be excited about. We’ve already seen lots of presents floating about for the families, mummy and daddy have been stocking up on nice foods – and then restocking when we break into the cupboards and eat it all, and they’ve been up in the up-upstairs (I think they call it the loft) to get some sparkly, shiny things; they look really exciting and we can’t wait for them to appear so we can play with them!

But we’ve been thinking of what dog gifts we can get for each other for Christmas. We heard that the thing to do is to buy a gift for the ones you love to celebrate – so I’ve been thinking of a few ideas of a present I can get for Bubble this year. Here’s just a few of the ideas I have had.

Food – Bubble loves food, either in treats, chews or in dog food form – so any type of food I’m sure would be appreciated.

Toys – Bubble likes to chew things so any hard chew toys would be a great choice.

A new bed – We currently share a bed, so by me getting Bubble a new bed I could have the old bed all to myself! Yay freedom!

Clothing – we definitely don’t like Christmas socks, but I’m sure Bubz would love a new jumper for Christmas.

I know, I think the best present I can give her would be a picture of her loving sister – what do you think?

Xmas Dog gift