Healthy Ways To Get Over Your Fear Of The Doctor

There are many reasons why people are fearful of going to the doctor. Afraid of being the recipient of bad news is one, as well as the possibility of potential embarrassment for some of those more delicate issues. Then there’s the fear of needles or worries about being given a misdiagnosis. Despite these concerns, we do need to pay attention to our health issues. Letting our fears take over is not a good thing, especially when we really do need medical help. So, if you’re scared to see your doctor, for whatever reason, keep in mind the following pieces of advice.

  1. They are there to help

Your doctor isn’t your enemy, even if you did happen to park in his parking space at the surgery that one time! No matter what your health issue is, he has seen it all before and will be able to give you qualified advice. After all, he didn’t go to medical school for nothing! Therefore, remind yourself of his usefulness, and despite your advice from Doctor Google, know that your GP is in a better position to help you.

  1. You will feel a lot better afterwards

To face our fears, we need to confront them. If you have a genuine fear of the doctor, you are already helping yourself by going along to the surgery in the first place. Take a friend to give you moral support if you need to. Of course, you may not have a genuine phobia, but you may find it hard to pluck up the courage in case of bad news. Well, even if the diagnosis isn’t good, your doctor will guide you as to the best course of action and will help you on the road to recovery. If nothing is wrong with you, at least you will have the have the peace of mind that comes from getting a professional opinion.

  1. You are allowed a second opinion

If you don’t trust your doctor’s advice, you can still see somebody else. Even if your first doctor was right, your fears will still be alleviated by somebody else. Don’t worry about hurting your regular GP’s feelings, either. This happens often, and your original doctor might even advise it if you have any doubts as to their advice. Oh, and if you don’t get on with your doctor for any other reason? You are entitled to find a doctor you are more comfortable with.

  1. Remind yourself you have legal backup

Many people fear the doctor (or anybody in the medical profession) because of the nightmare stories of things going wrong. These tales of medical negligence are enough to put anybody off visiting the doctor, but these instances are rare. In any case, if you are one of the unlucky few, there are medical negligence lawyers who will fight your side. As we said,the chances of you needing one are slim, but for your peace of mind, know that help is there if you need it.

  1. Your doctor can visit you at home

It may not be the doctor you are fearful of. There are all the other issues ascribed with visiting your local surgery, from the sight of other patients in pain to the snooty receptionist sat behind the desk. Most doctors do house calls, so if you feel more comfortable having a consultation in your own living room, rather than the confines of a surgery, don’t be afraid to ask for this service.

Not only but also…

We hope we have helped allay some of your fears about going to the doctor. However, if you are still afraid, think about the alternative. Would you rather be ill and prone to further health problems? No, of course not, so visiting your doctor, however scary it may be for you, is by far the better option. Your life may depend on it!