Holiday Packing

Last week I completed my 10k race. It’s finally over, no more long runs training for it and no more weekends panicking about needing to go for a run on my day off. I want to keep running but I will definitely be sticking to shorter runs!

Anyway now it’s over my thoughts have turned to the next thing on my list for this year…a holiday! As I work for a UK holiday company I’m lucky that I get a cheap holiday each year here on my doorstep. But this year, as I haven’t been abroad for a few years I thought it was a great time to take advantage of the cheaper rates and book something away. So later this year me and my OH are planning a getaway to Salou.

Even though it’s not for six months I’m already thinking about what I need to take (OCD organised). Packing for a summer holiday is a tricky process as I always forget something or take stuff I don’t need for a week away. So to be even more prepared I thought I’d write myself an essentials holiday packing list to make sure I know what to take when it actually comes to packing.

  • Passport – pretty obvious really.
  • Tickets – it’s likely to be on your phone, so make sure you have plenty of battery to get you through the airport.
  • A change of clothes for your hand luggage – just in case you lose your suitcase it’s really beneficial to keep a change of clothes on you for your first night.
  • Sunglasses –¬†UV obviously, otherwise you’ll spend your entire holiday squinting!
  • A new holiday wardrobe – I don’t think I ever fit into my old summer wardrobe by the time the next holiday comes around, so every holiday I treat myself with a new collection. I found a few items on the Simply Be summer shop this year. Make sure you buy things you like/are comfortable in, otherwise you’ll be stuck with a load of outfits not wearable!
  • Clean underwear – my tip: buy new before you go but take your old pairs and leave them behind to save on your weight limit coming home!
  • A sensible pair of shoes that go with a few outfits – sandals are a great option.
  • Warmer clothes in case you’re not lucky with the weather.
  • A light waterproof coat
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Hairbrush, bands and clips
  • Make up – need to look pretty when you’re hot and sweaty!
  • Sunscreen and aftersun
  • Headphones for music while travelling
  • Book, kindle or magazine
  • Beach towel and bag
  • Swimming costume
  • Cap or hat

And if all else fails make sure you have plenty of money on your credit card for a shopping spree abroad – fill your case for the way back!