Household Struggles Only Dog Owners Will Understand

There are some things that your non-dog owning friends will never understand. Well, not unless they set foot in your house that is and get a first-hand look at what you have to put up with. You see, while we are sure you love your furry bundle of joy to bits, and despite the obvious benefits of owning a dog, there are some household struggles that you will have to put up with.

Here are just a few examples.

#1: Dog hair, everywhere!

Unless you own a dog that doesn’t shed hair very often, you are going to be surrounded by dog hair on a near-daily basis. There will be hair on your carpets, hair on your sofa, hair on your best outfit, and there will probably be a dog hair or two in the soup you have for lunch as well! It’s something you have to put up with, although there are ways you can make life easier for yourself. By restricting your dog’s movements to certain areas of your house, and by using blankets and covers on your furniture, you can go some way towards winning the battle against dog hair. Check out these other simple tips for dealing with dog hair too.

#2: Trails of muddy footprints

When it comes to cleaning up after your dog, it’s not only hairs you need to worry about. Especially when they have been playing outside, you might well find a trail of muddy footprints around your home. Short of following pooch around with a mop and bucket, there are a few things you can do. For starters, you should set up a cleaning station to your outside door. With a bucket of water and a towel on standby, you can get rid of most of the mud before your dog gets further into your home. By laying down a pet mat near your dog’s entry point, you will also trap the dirt before it spreads. You might also invest in a set of doggie booties, as you can pop these on your dog’s paws before they trail any excess mud into your carpets.

#3: Puddles of pee

Especially when you have a puppy in the house, you can expect the odd puddle of pee here and there. This isn’t pleasant obviously, as not only will you have the smell to contend with, but you will also have soggy feet should you happen to walk through a puddle unawares. There are ways to solve the issue. Firstly, as part of your dog’s house training, lay down puppy pads so they only go to the toilet in certain areas of the home. You might also want to lay down stain-resistant rugs for the kitchen and any other rooms of your home where your dog regularly roams, as they can make clean-up a doddle. You should take your dog for regular walks too, as well as giving them easy access to your yard or garden with a doggy flap attached to your back door. You will alleviate the number of toileting accident indoors this way. Though if problems occur after the puppy stage, you should also speak to your vet. There may be a medical issue, so for your dog’s sake as well as your own; you should seek professional advice.