How a burning building helped me discover a new food love!

I love pizza. Whenever we get a takeaway we head straight for Pizza Pronto and get the biggest, unhealthiest, cheesiest one going. If we eat out – we head to an Italian and have one, but we rarely cook it at home (unless we’re desperate for our fix!) Recently my joint burnt down – how inconsiderate (no one was hurt)! So that meant no takeaways and because of the house renovation it meant no restaurants either.

So – when I saw a tweet offering free pizza I jumped at the chance to get my fix! Now I’m lazy when it comes to food as I can’t be bothered to faff with waiting for it to cook, but these are quick- they only take 10-15 minutes in the oven*. Plus, although I can’t find them on their website yet (they’re that new!) they are now offering a burger hybrid (a pizza in a burger bun). I would love to review it- I bought one – but my husband pinched it before I got the chance. Sorry about that – but they look great!

Now back to the subs…

Already mentioned the short cooking time = good for my hunger.

Taste – there is a bit more ‘bread’ than I normally like but it didn’t detract from the taste of the pizza topping, just meant a bit more doughy-ness!

Cost – very cheap – around £2.99 for twin subs I think – after my free pizza, I also went and bought more. Asda has regular special offers on them so I now have a freezer drawer full!

Size – obviously smaller than a take away pizza, but perfect for lunches, children’s dinners, picnics, breakfast (if you’re so inclined!) or just a light snack when you’re feeling peckish!

As I said I already have a stash but I will definitely buy these again and now they have new flavours out it’s worth trying them all. Soon, when my pizza joint is back open maybe I’ll go back – but maybe I’ll just save my money too and eat in!

emma signature*Some take longer so please don’t eat it cold by using my cooking instructions!

Header Image Credit: Pizza – CC BY-SA 2.0