How To Make Your Garden A Credit To Your Home

‘Aah’, your guests think as they walk through your perfectly decorated home, and you probably feel the same way when you come back to it after a long day. However, one glance into the overgrown garden, with garden furniture abandoned everywhere as if there has been a zombie apocalypse, is enough to send any guest into shock. OK, your garden probably isn’t that bad, but nevertheless, it’s an important part of the image of your home, and it’s a great place for you and your family to relax in the spring and summer.

We’ve put together some simple garden tips here!

Trim back the trees, and get rid of weeds

One of the main reasons that your garden may not be at its best is because it’s just a little bit overgrown, and luckily this is an issue that you can fix quickly with a pair of shears (and some man/woman power). Cut back those overgrown trees and bushes in the spring, and they will grow back full of life, ready to bloom. You should also ensure that you’ve pulled up any weeds, as they can totally take over your garden.

Don’t cut back too much

OK, we know that you want to make your garden look perfect, but some of the flowers – like wildflowersdo look like weeds, when they’re actually just regular flowers. Whilst you may not like looking at these (they’re to a particular taste) they are vital to the survival of bees throughout the year, and you should think twice before replacing them with plants that aren’t too wildlife friendly. Help the bees and butterflies!

Build something unique

This one is particularly good for the DIY lovers amongst us, but building something unique – even if it’s only a bench – can really put your unique stamp on your garden, and it will reflect the tastes that run throughout your home. Get your hands on some sustainable building materials, like wood (which you can also upcycle from old furniture) and think about what you can design as an interesting focal point in your garden.

Think about where you can relax

Your garden should be a space that is perfect for relaxation, so if you have no places to sit or lie down, you should really keep this in mind when you are creating your perfect space. Think about where you’d like to read a book in the summer, and where your family will be able to gather and enjoy the weather, and draw upon that for inspiration. It’s no good having a beautiful garden if you can only appreciate it from afar!

So, if you’re looking to make your garden a credit to your home, why not try out some of these simple tips? From trimming back some of the plants (and saying goodbye to weeds) to ensuring that you’re not getting rid of too much, there are many things that you can do. You can also build a unique focal point, and keep your relaxation in mind! Good luck, and enjoy your garden for years to come!