The stress of moving house and how to relax…

So most people reading this will know that back in January I made some big life changes. Because of that in March I had to make a decision to move to a smaller house, which needed less work – who knew I wasn’t Queen of DIY! I put in an offer on a cute little 2 bedroom house, which all going well I will move into in less than a weeks time.

These past few months have not been stress free and with everything else going on in life sometimes the house move seemed to get on top of me. So how have I coped? Here’s some of my top tips to destress when sometimes life can get a bit too much!

  1. Take a breath. Sometimes all you need is to take a deep breath and pause just for a second. Stop worrying about whatever you are concerned about and think about the good in your life and how good it will feel when you finally move in.Breathe
  2. Keep organised. There’s a lot of paperwork, solicitors forms and to and fro-ing when moving house so it’s important to stay organised in the first place. If you keep a folder with all the paperwork and deal with each form as you get them (don’t put them in your to-do-later pile) you’ll find yourself becoming less stressed.
  3. Take up yoga. A great way to take a moment for yourself!
  4. Pack early and well. You’ll be surprised at how little you actually use day to day so be prepared and start packing as soon as you can. Because you’re life will be in boxes it’s good practice to keep a list of each boxes contents so should you need anything before you move, or before you unpack at the other end you’ll easily find it!
  5. Stay happy. Yes it’s stressful, but keeping busy with things you enjoy instead of just packing and doing paperwork will keep your mind on the good things in life.
  6. Get a massage. Nothing says relaxation more than an hour in a room with oils and soothing tones.
  7. Put your feet up. Have a cuppa.
  8. Countdown the days. When you get your moving date, count down the days to move. Not to keep you stressed by the work that needs to be done, but to keep you excited about the prospect of your new home!