I’m going to #BML16

The last few months have been a whirlwind. My best friend got married and I was bridesmaid / wedding planner so every last minute has been about the wedding. Blogging has taken a big hit and that’s why I’m now writing my #BML16 linky post on the train on the way to London. Nothing like leaving things until the last minute Emma! I have technically had all week to catch up with myself but those that know me know how important it was that I spent my free time catching up on GOT, Supernatural, and numerous other shows that also took a hit with the wedding. So you’ve probably already got an idea of who I am but if not, here’s a quick run down!

My name: Emma S
My blog: Desserts and Decoupage…but you’re here reading this so you should know that by now.
Find me on social media at: TWITTER FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM
How I look: Right now straggled after running for the train. Tomorrow, hmm probably still straggled but without the hot-mess train hair look going on. I’ve got long dark hair and…well just look at the photo on my about me.
Is this my first blogging event? Sort of. I’ve been to regional meet ups before and even started planning one (still postponed 2yrs on) but never been to one of this scale. Please be kind!
I will be wearing…I’ll be wearing a plaid shirt and jeans – going for the old faithful comfortable look and I’ll probably still be covered in my dogs hairs.
What I hope to gain from #BML16: I’m coming under my guise of PR Manager for holidaycottages.co.uk so I hope to network, take home some tips for D&D and make even more blogging friends.
My tips for a great conference: Ask me tomorrow.

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