Keeping Your Home Safe While Travelling

Travelling and seeing the world should be experienced by everyone. We live in such a beautiful place and to stay in just one place for the rest of your life would limit you from experiencing new ways of life, different cultures, and tasty cuisines. However, having a home and leaving it for a week or two, can make us feel a little nervous. So how do we keep it safe?

Remember To Check Twice & Then Check Again

We’ve all left the house and a minute later start panicking about whether you locked the door properly, right? So when it comes to leaving your home for a longer period of time, check everything is switched off at the plug. Everything other than your boiler should be turned off. Check all the windows to make sure none of them are even slightly open and lock at the doors. It’s always helpful to check and then to do it again just to be sure.

Have A Neighbour Or Friend Visit

If you’re not comfortable with leaving your property completely un-watched or unmanned, you could always ask a neighbour or friend to visit. If your friend or a family member is up for house-sitting, it’s a sure fire way of keeping your mind at ease, knowing someone’s there. Even if the neighbour looks through the windows or a friend just drives by, these can be a real comfort so you can enjoy your holiday or trip away to the fullest.

Install CCTV/Security Software

With technology being what it is today, there’s plenty of CCTV options and security software available for most budgets. An extra layer of security that tells potential thieves or burglars that they’re being recorded is likely to detract them away from the property. Most security and monitoring systems can even be hooked up to your mobile device so that you can keep an eye on it, live.

With visual security as well, if a crime did occur, it’s more likely that they’d get caught.

Keep Valuables Hidden

Left your car keys on the side table by the front door or left open the curtains to show off all of your tech gadgets? Well, that makes your home more appealing to those who could break in and steal it all. Before going away, keep valuables hidden and locked away in a safe, if possible. Try and pick out really obscure places where if a thief had gotten into your home, they would never dream of looking there.

Make Sure You Have Insurance

It is frustrating but sometimes a break in does happen, and even if you’ve done everything to deter them, you can still become a victim. Always have home insurance, and make sure everything of value is covered in the policy. Whenever you buy something new, if necessary, add it to the insurance immediately. At least this way, any stolen goods can be claimed back or replaced if possible.

Life is too short to worry, so lock up and protect your home as much as you can before enjoying your next adventure alone, with friends or family.