Make Healthy Soup More Interesting With These Unmissable Tips

You might think that soup is one of the most boring food that you can consume for lunch or dinner – I’m always struggling to find healthy soup recipes. But the filling food can be very healthy if you fill it with delicious vegetables to ensure you have your 5-a-day. And it can be an ideal menu choice when the weather turns colder. As well as this, it can keep you full for hours so that you are not heading for the snack cupboard! However, a lot of people get bored of the common flavours such as tomato or chicken. Therefore, here are some unmissable tips to make healthy soup more interesting.

Add some croutons

You can give your soup a twist by enjoying some croutons on top of the scrumptious liquid. The rebaked bits of bread can add texture and flavour to a boring soup! You will find them often on the salad bar at restaurants! However, a lot of people don’t know how to make the delicious croutons. But all you need to do is choose a delicious bread and brush it on both sides with melted butter. Then cut them into small cubes and then bake in the oven for around 15 minutes! You can then use them when you like on top of your soup to give it some flavour!

Try unique flavours

As we discussed above, people get fed up of the common flavours of soup such as chicken or tomato soup. But they don’t have to be dull flavours; there’re so many great soups you can buy. You should look in store for unique flavours that you would like to try such as pumpkin soup (fitting for the season), or even sweet potato soup. There are some great veggie soup ranges in store including super soup, who do flavours like super spinach and chickpea! And if you want to come up with your own concoctions, you could easily make some of your own at home. My favourite is apple with parsnip which gives you a sweet taste! Experiment to find a flavour that you love and want to consume again!

Eat it alongside some delicious bread

It’s easy to get bored when eating soup as it’s all the same taste. So you can mix it up by enjoying the soup with some delicious bread. If you are sticking to a low-diet, you could get a multigrain slice of bread to enjoy with your soup. Or even a wholemeal roll would make an accompaniment to the scrumptious soup. You could even make your own bread to enjoy with the soup; after all, there’s nothing quite like tucking into freshly baked bread. You can read our previous blog on some tools you need to make bread.

Add several eggs

Eggs are one of the best things for us as they are full of high-quality proteins, nutrients, and good fats. Therefore, you should add some eggs to your soup to make it healthy and more delicious. As this feature says, you could add a soft poached egg or even drizzle a scrambled egg for an egg-style soup. It means you can skip the stock and make it even more delicious for lunch or dinner.

Remember that you could make your soup a cheese fest by adding some parmesan. Add don’t forget to add some black pepper to give it some spice!