Melt Away In Marbella

Not literally, we don’t want you to melt away. Although that could be possible, Marbella at points in the year just gets so unbearably hot for the most of us. Others are super humans who can lie out in the sun until they’ve got a glorious tan. We’re jealous of those people. Anyway, what we mean by melt away is let your body melt away to the vibes of Marbella. It is such an amazing part of Spain to visit, and has absolutely everything you could wish to do. It’s the perfect mix or relaxation and fun if you head to the right places. It is one of the more expensive holiday destinations, but if you plan your money right it’ll be affordable. Here’s why we think you should let yourself melt away in Marbella.

The Accommodation

Even though you might not spend half of the time in the hotel room, the accommodation is one of the main things people look for in a holiday. Luckily for you, Marbella has some glorious locations for you to stay. There’s the perfect mixture of self catered rented accommodation, and standard hotels that are still a cut above the rest. If you are looking to go a bit more fancy, you can find a luxury apartment in Marbella that might set you back a little bit. But if you’ve chosen Marbella as your holiday destination, you should have a bit of spare money ready to throw around. If you’re looking for something a little less up market, there’s plenty of hotels for you. Just do a quick Google search, or go through a travel agents and see what they have to offer.

Things To Do

As we said, Marbella is the perfect mix of relaxation and fun. If you’re looking for relaxation, then the beach is where you need to head. There’s a few of them dotted around, but all of them are just so relaxing. The vibe is always amazing, and the beach huts are on hand to top you up with a refreshing drink or ice lolly. Some beaches even have people who come round to give you a massage. Does it get more perfect than that!? If you want to relax on the night time there is an array of luxurious dining facilities that will serve the most amazing food. Some of them are even located on the beach front to give you that perfect view to go along with it. Have a stroll in any direction and you’ll find a cocktail bar serving the most amazing concoctions to really melt your troubles away. If you’re looking for something a bit more lively, there is the strip that might tickle your fancy. You definitely won’t spend as much here as your chilled nights out, but you’ll definitely get more for your money. As for the day time, the Selwo Marina is a fun day out for everyone! Or you can hire a scooter for the day to take your own tour of the area. Just be careful with driving on different sides of the road etc.