New Beginnings: Helping a Loved One Through Divorce

Sometimes incredible new beginnings are disguised as painful endings, and divorce is always going to be a difficult time. However just like a phoenix rises from the ashes, divorce really can be the start of something new and exciting. It’s a chance to rediscover yourself, live for you, do all of the things you’ve wanted to do but put off for years, and generally live your happiest life. If a friend or family member is going through a divorce, one of the best things you can do is to simply be there for them. Support is so valuable at this time, and feeling like they’re not alone can make this transitional period so much easier for them. Once they’re feeling a little better and are ready to pick themselves up and be happy again, here are some ideas for cheering them up.

Try Something New With Them

After spending a significant amount of time in a couple, it’s easy to lose ‘you’ as an individual. Divorce can be a time to rediscover interests, try new things and have fun. Why not sign you and your loved one up to some exciting new activities that you think they’ll enjoy? It could be line dancing, cooking classes, bungee jumping or anything in between! If they’ve ever mentioned an interest but not taken it up, you could encourage them to go out and do it and with you there by their side it won’t seem as scary. It can help them to discover new hobbies, and meet new people and generally find out what it is again that they like and enjoy doing.

Throw a Party

Spending time with their nearest and dearest can show your loved one that they’re not alone. That people are there for them, and that they have a support network they can rely on. So organising a party of get together could be a great way to go about this. You could arrange a party at home, an afternoon tea, a barbeque in the garden or whatever else would suit them. You could even having a look at luxury gifts online and purchase something you think they would enjoy. It can help to take their mind off things and give them a nice treat when they need it most.

Arrange a Pamper Day

After divorce, lots of women find it helpful to have a bit of a switch up with their appearance. Why not go with your friend to the beauty salon, hairdresser, maybe even some shopping to buy some new clothes? Seeing a new appearance can help them to make a fresh start, plus it will give them confidence so they feel happy with themselves too. If they’re ready to make these kinds of changes, having a loved one with them who can provide honest advice can be just what they need.

Divorce is a transitional period, going from being part of a couple to being an individual again can take some getting used to. There’s a financial element, children can be involved and lots of complicated logistics. So as a friend or family member, it’s important to be there for the one you love and try to make their lives that bit easier.