Why Your Next Holiday Should be to Greenland

Even if you swear by sun-worshipping, you simply cannot say you’ve seen everything until you have paid Greenland a visit. The picturesque island is something that might not currently be on your bucket list, but it really should be. Here’s why.

1. It isn’t ruined

It is the world’s biggest continental island with the world’s sparsest population. Greenland has managed to retain its quirky appeal. An entirely unique country, the blend of Inuit and Danish culture has created a Greenlandic society all of its own. The extensive countryside remains relatively untouched. Whether you choose to travel by foot or dog-sled, the vast snow-capped tundra and exceptional wildlife never ceases to impress.

2. You can see the Southern Fjords

One of the most well-renowned sights of Greenlandic territory is the vast fjords. Kayaking is a tradition of Greeland, being a cultural symbol of its people. Experience nature in its truest form by kayaking in and out of the pockets of the Southern Fjords. The stillness, interrupted only by the calls of seabirds, will bring a new meaning to tranquillity as you know it.

It is also possible to visit the Ilulissat Icefjord – one of the wonders of the world. The incredible glaciar is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in West Greenland and happens to be one of the fastest moving, most active glaciers in the world.

3. The Northern Lights are kind of a big deal here

If the Northern Lights have long been on your bucket list, this is the perfect place to visit. The Greenland Northern Lights are visible throughout the year, with the most dramatic displays occurring between October and April. In East Greenland, there are more than 300 days and nights of crystal clear sky throughout this period.

4. It is unarguably picturesque

Somehow, the entire country of Greenland has managed to hold on to the quaint appeal of a small village. Kitsch multicolour housing is set against a backdrop of breath-taking natural scenery. In summer, the scenery is quite literally blooming with flora and fauna; many of which are exclusive to Greenland itself. The Greenlandic communities are informed by a rich history of Inuit culture, which keeps traditions such as handicraft well and truly alive.

5. There are fun activities for the whole family

Greenland offers an array of activities that are not yet heavily commercialised. So you can really get involved in the authentic local culture without ruining the country’s quaint appeal. Try your hand at salmon fishing, diving or spotting arctic wildlife for nature-enthusiasts. For the ultimate holiday invigoration, try out snowmobiling, sea kayaking or rock climbing. If mum and dad fancy a day of relaxation, you can always head to local museums or just sink into the natural hot springs!

Holidaying to a cold country for a change makes your trip much more of an expedition. Adding a few extra layers is certainly worth it when you can see the Northern Lights, go whale-watching and even experience 24 hours of sunlight.