Obligatory blog on New Year Resolutions

Yep, here it is. My annual obligatory blog on what this year’s new year resolutions will be…this year I have so many to choose from!

  1. Lose weight – every year I say I’m going to finally shed these last 2 stone but it’s always hard to get the motivation to do it! This year I’m being a bridesmaid for my best friend so I’m determined by June to have at least shed a stone. Fingers crossed with the dog walks, eating healthy (sometimes) and generally being motivated and sleeping less I can do it!
  2. Dress smarter – I always say I’m going to improve my wardrobe and then I use the excuse of no money or that I want to lose the weight first. But now, no more excuses, I’m going to smarten up my look – and at least try and wear make up each day!
  3. Save money – I think this one speaks for itself, less shopping more saving!
  4. Walk the dogs more – ok this fits into the lose weight one too as you’d hope it would be a bi-product of more walking, but I’d really like to set myself a task of walking the dogs at least once a day. At the minute it’s too easy to leave the job to the other half who’s home all day! With the lighter evenings now on their way – I’m hoping this is a good time to start!
  5. Call my friends – I have friends across England and it’s too easy now to let Facebook do my updating. So this year, I’m going to try my hardest to keep in touch by phone or in person much more. Even if it’s just a text to say “hi!”
  6. Random Acts of Kindness – I’m not sure I could keep up the daily element as I only ever see people at work or the hubby, but I generally want to do more nice things for people I don’t know!
  7. Blog more – I have been doing really well and twice-monthly blogging since I renewed my domain in September so I really want to keep this up. Plus, you may or may not have seen I’ve started helping Bubble and Squeak with their own blog now, so that keeps me really busy too!
  8. Learn a new skill – I recently got promoted at work, so there’s lots of new things to learn and new responsibilities to take, so in 2016 I want to make sure I learn at least one new skill.
  9. Clean more – although if I’m blogging more I’m not sure I’ll have time to clean my house too much more 😉
  10. Be more confident – I hope with all these things put together I’ll be turning over a new leaf. So more confidence in myself is definitely something to add to the list!

So that’s it, 10 New Year Resolutions…place your bets on how long I stick to them!!

emma signatureHeader Image Credit: Bucket ListCC by 2.0