Old Dogs Don’t Need New Tricks

When you get a dog, you know you have a lifelong companion who is going to look after you as much as you will look after them. You know you’ll spend a good portion of your time training a puppy to mess in the right spot, to behave in the right way and to learn to control their barking instinct. The years that you spend laughing, running and playing with your dog are some of the best years ahead, but as with everything, dogs age. Alongside you, your dog is going to grow old and this – as with humans – comes with complications.

You will notice your dog age as they will slow down in their efforts, as well as these signs of aging. The one thing you will notice quite quickly is when they’re in pain. Older dogs are prone to arthritis in the same way you could be one day, and the most important thing that you’ll want to do is to help them feel better. There are many different tips and tricks out there, from pet physiotherapy to CBD oil for pets, but you have to find the right solution for your dog. No two dogs react to pain relief the same way and so once you work out what is right for your pup, you need to stick with it. So, how can you help your dog to combat the pain they are in with arthritis?

  • Keep it monitored with regular check-ups with your vet. You may need a more comprehensive treatment plan as time moves on.
  • Feeding your pup the right food in the right amount is going to keep their weight regular and a dog that is the right weight is a dog with less pressure on his joints.
  • Cold and damp conditions can really upset the joints both in humans and dogs, so keep your dog as warm and dry as possible so that this can’t be aggravated.
  • It’s fine to exercise your dog but keep it controlled. Finding a pet hydrotherapy centre is a good idea, as swimming can be less impactful on the joints than running.
  • Animal massage is a thing, and you can be referred to a specialist pet massage therapist so that your dog gets the best available care.
  • Acupuncture? Not just for humans. Animals suffering from arthritis can also benefit from the effects of acupuncture, so why not check out what you can do for your dog?
  • Depending on the severity of the arthritis, you can opt for surgery for your dog if necessary. It’s not nice to wait for your dog to come out of a surgery but if it improves their quality of life, you should do it.

A low-stress environment and plenty of love is an essential for your dog to get better as soon as possible. They may not be the exact playful pet you once had but you can really take care of your pet if you follow some of the points above.