How To Plan A Big Birthday Bash For A Loved One

When a big birthday is coming up, you want to make it a special occasion. Throwing a huge party and inviting everyone you can think of is one way to make a birthday bash really big. But it’s not easy to organise a large event like that. It takes a lot of planning, and a lot of hard work to put together. There may be a fairly big shopping list too!

Start by listing all the invitees. If you’re hosting the party in your home, you may need to limit numbers. Alternatively, why not hire a pub or community hall for the evening? This means your guest list can be as large as you like. Next, you need to create the invitations. This can be a great crafting job for you. Either decorate them by hand or print them out from a template. You could even add a photo of your loved one.

Decor is a big consideration for a party. If this party is to be a surprise, you may want to enlist the help of some friends to get them all up quickly. And one of your friends is going to have to distract the birthday boy or girl long enough for you to be able to get the whole place decorated! It’s not an easy thing to do. Consider hiring a venue that includes party decorations in their package.


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Catering is much easier when someone else is doing it. But it doesn’t often come cheap. If you are preparing the food yourself, consider how much fridge and freezer space you will need to cater for the whole party. And how are you going to cook the food and keep it warm? Lots of ice will be needed to keep some of the foods chilled too. There are plenty of recipes available for party food, but sometimes it’s easier to get prepared items in for the day.

Gifts are a huge part of any birthday. Choosing gift baskets for the recipient can be easier when you know they’re a foodie! You may be able to choose the items in the gift basket yourself. Perhaps you could personalise the gift, making it specific to this particular birthday? Other gift ideas include engraved glassware, jewellery, or ornaments. The birthday boy or girl may have a gift wish list or register that other guests may be happy to shop from.

When you’re throwing a big party, you will probably want some music for everyone to enjoy. Live music may require a licence from your local authority. Check your venue is covered. You may have a preferred playlist. If this is a big birthday, why not create a playlist of hits from the birthday boy’s youth? You could even set up a Karaoke session for all the guests to enjoy. Don’t forget to include ‘Happy Birthday’ in your set!

A big birthday bash requires a big plan to set it up. But it isn’t impossible to make it a success with a minimal budget. Have a fabulous party.

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