Planning a wedding in Cornwall

Most of you probably know I used to live in Cornwall and I was always slightly envious watching brides having their wedding in Cornwall on the beautiful beaches.

So I thought I would put together a guide for Cornwall brides on some top locations and suppliers from my knowledge of the area.

Location – ok this is a biggie! Picture it, the sun shining over the glistening blue ocean, crisp golden sands and in Cornwall you aren’t short of beaches to choose from!

Dress – For a beach wedding you should opt for something light and flowing, there’ll be nothing worse than dragging a heavy satin dress through the sand and pebbles!

Decor – there’s so many things you can do with a wedding in Cornwall when decorating. You can go nautical/beach themed, vintage (it’s very on trend!), or country fair (again very popular in Cornwall). I’d probably stay away from the beach theme as it’s quite obvious and have something more rustic. There’s some great event stylist companies in Cornwall, like Life is Rosie Events, which provide everything you need for cheap without having to worry about finding everything you need.

Cake – Personally I love cupcakes – they are very on trend. They’re easier to divide up and hand out, plus they make lovely favours so you wouldn’t have to worry about that either!

Food – I think the most obvious solution for your meal is to hire out a venue near the beach. But I’d definitely want to keep it small, head to a cosy country pub and tuck into a personalised portion of fish and chips – there’s no fresher fish after all!

What would you do if you got married in Cornwall?