Practical And Picturesque: Bringing An Old House Into The 21st Century

Many buyers in the UK actively seek out characterful properties when embarking upon the search for a new home. Older houses can often be dazzlingly beautiful to look at, but sometimes, they’re not ideally suited to our modern lifestyles or contemporary design ideas. If you’ve recently bought a rustic pile, or you’ve decided that it’s time to upgrade your home’s decor, here are some ideas to bring your house into the 21st century.

Altering the layout

If you walk into a modern home, it’s very common to find a spacious reception room, which leads on to an open plan kitchen-diner. Open plan living is ideal for families, and it’s also a major draw for buyers who enjoy entertaining and hosting guests. Older homes tend to have a series of smaller rooms, which may not work as well for your lifestyle and your family setup. One option you may consider if you’re looking to modernise your home is adjusting the layout. In some cases, it will be possible to knock down walls or form arches to open up smaller spaces and create a better flow. This might not always be a viable option, but if you’ve got a kitchen with a utility room attached or a separate dining room, it’s worth consulting a builder and getting some quotes.

Updating the decor

If you’ve bought an old house, you might find that the decor is a little dated or drab. Cosmetic renovations may not be appealing to everyone, but they do provide you with an opportunity to put your own stamp on your home. Look past printed wallpaper and garish carpets, and use your creativity and inspiration from magazines, blogs, and TV makeover shows to come up with designs that embody your style and taste. With more rustic properties, you can make your house a home by mixing old with new. Consider the impact of teaming wooden beams and exposed brickwork with modern marble worktops and a funky breakfast bar in the kitchen or combining traditional wooden chests and bookshelves with a chic leather sofa. If you spot trends you like, take elements and mix them up to form a unique aesthetic that is both sympathetic to the age of the property and suitable for modern-day life.

Defining distinctive features

The beauty of traditional homes is that they don’t stick to a blueprint. If you’ve got individual touches and fancy features that make your home different, highlight them and make them the focal point. There’s nothing more impressive than an ornate open fireplace in a living room or a statement tiled floor in the entrance hall. If you have got stand-out accents in your home, and you’re keen to ensure that they shine, keep it simple when it comes to decorating the rest of the room. If the fireplace is the showstopper, for example, don’t opt for clashing prints or bold shades on the walls.

If you have an old house, you might feel that it needs modernising, but it’s crucial to preserve and protect charm and character. Many people prefer older homes to newer styles, and there are multiple ways to create a home that is both practical and picturesque.