Puppy training tips

When you get your puppy home it’s important to set the ground rules from the very beginning, otherwise we will rule the roost – our mummy and daddy made this mistake from the start so here are our puppy training tips for showing how it’s really done to make sure you stay the master of the household.

A barking dog can seem cute at first, especially as our barks are more squeaks when we are first born (hence my name!). But as we grow, our dog barking gets louder and much more annoying – especially when we do it to say we’ve had enough of bedtime! Now we have a bark sensor in our bedroom, or the kitchen as mummy calls it. It makes a really horrible high-pitched noise when Bubble barks or when I squeak. Although mummy and daddy never seem to hear the noise, I’m not sure how though as it’s really noisy! It makes us both quieter, but doesn’t stop us completely, it helps though; even I get annoyed when Bubble is barking and I’m trying to sleep! So our tip, use a light tap on the neck along with a firm NO whenever we bark or squeak at something from the very start.

Puppy toilet training can be a nightmare for the humans if not carried out correctly. Mummy and daddy did everything right with us, but we’re stubborn sods when it comes to the wet weather – here’s what happened with us! Our breeder hadn’t been able to let us outdoors and we were still a week away from our final jabs so indoor peeing it was – luxury! For the first few nights mummy and daddy left a puppy pad in whatever room we were in and praised us with mini bits of foodables every time we went for a pee on them. If we missed we didn’t get told off though, then we learnt by peeing on the pad we got food! After we’d had out jabs, mummy and daddy moved the pads outdoors to the courtyard and sprayed some nice smelling spray on it to encourage us to venture outside. That worked – as we obviously wanted more foodables! Then eventually the pads disappeared but the smell stayed – so now whenever we need a pee or a poop we head to the back door and venture to the garden. We much prefer doing our business on grass and when we can escape to the grassy are of our garden we’re much more inclined to pee quicker to get out the rain!

Puppies play fight and that means biting – we learnt at a young age with our doggy family that when we bite to hard we hurt. So we learn our limits by screaming when we go to far. Bubble will shout when I hurt her and I the say. So when we play with our humans they show us when we’ve hurt them by screaming too. A short sharp YELP will tell us you’re hurt and we bit too hard. The nibbling and biting gets less and less with this technique as we know what is playing and what is wrong! But be warned, overuse of the YELP and we might think you’re playing, restrict it to once an hour at the most.

Bedtime training is always tricky – we do hate being alone, especially with our pug and frenchie heritage, separation anxiety is just not very nice! Luckily we learnt early on that mummy and daddy would always come back so we’re much better at bedtime now. It’s best to just ignore our whimpering otherwise we will carry on because we know that brings humans back! Mummy and daddy would just repeat Bed Time until we went to sleep and then in the morning would repeat until we were quiet and they could wake us up! Now, no more early mornings (well unless something noisy wakes us up!)

We hope these tips have helped – do let us know if you can think of anything else you should do too!